Ball Jar Teacher Gift

Earlier this year I saw some Vintage Mason Jars on Pinterest (from Live Laugh Rowe) that I pinned and bookmarked in the back of my head for a future craft day. They were so fun and chippy I knew I had to make some. Since then I moved to another state, had a baby and just didn’t make the time to create these cute jars, but knew I had to one when I saw some at Michael’s a few weeks ago.

I then thought it would be fun to create a Teacher Gift using it along with a cute printable. I have to say, this craft has to be my most-favorite Teacher Gift creation yet because it’s just so stinkin’ fun.

I made two versions of this Can’t Wait to Have a Ball This Year Teacher Gift:

One using pencils…

Vintage Ball Jar Teacher Gift with free print on { } #teachergift

And a larger Jar using real flowers…

Super CUTE Vintage Ball Jar Teacher gift. ADORABLE! { }

And one more to give at THE END of the year…

Had a BALL this year Teacher Gift - { } #teachergift

Aren’t they so fun? What teacher wouldn’t want one of these on their desk?! Shoot – I want some here at my own home (so I’ll be keeping the large jar, of course and sending the pencil one off with Lily for her Kindergarten Teacher).

Great thing is this Ball Jar Teacher Gift is easy to make and doesn’t cost much either AND is easy to make in mass quantities if you need several.

Here is what you’ll need to make them:


– Ball Jars (all varying sizes purchased at Michael’s)

– Chalk Spray Paint

– Spray Paint

– Twine

– Scissors

– Printable (available below)

– Spray Polyurethane (I prefer Clear Satin)


Ball Jar - 1

1. Pick out your paints. I bought my Chalk Spray paint at Michael’s as well as this Turquoise but last minute decided to do yellow instead. I’ve seen people use craft paint to do this but I prefer Spray Paint because it’s quicker, easier and looks prettier. :) I bought a large Ball Jar for the flowers and a small one for the pencils.

Ball Jar - 2

2. Spray paint THE OUTSIDE of your jars using the Chalk Spray Paint. Let dry. The chalkpaint is what keeps it dark on the inside after you scratch off the letters.ย Then spray using the color you want the jars to be. Let dry.

*NOTE: To spray paint I just put the jars upside down with the small circle lid insert on a drop cloth and sprayed. :)

Ball Jar - 3

3. Now chip off the paint at the parts that prortude. To do this I used my finger nail and the end of my car key. Both layers of paint will chip off, but that’s okay because the chalk paint still makes it look dark on the inside.

Ball Jar - 4

4. Add a layer or two of Spray Polyurethane to seal the paint. Let dry.

Ball Jar - 5


Cannot Wait to have a BALL print

Cannot Wait to have a BALL

And for End of the Year:

Had such a BALL in class

5. Now SAVE the printable you want above by clicking on the image. Then RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE. Open it in a program like WORD and RE-SIZE it to the size you want. Print and cut out. Also punch a hole in the corner of your print.

Ball Jar - 6

6. Attach to the rim of your jar using some twine or ribbon.

CUTE Ball Jar Gift for teacher

Ball Jar - 7

7. Add some water and flowers or pencils for the finishing touch.

Had a BALL teacher gift - so cute! { }

Vintage Ball Jar Teacher gift - so cute! { }

CUTE Ball Jar Gift idea for teacher { }

Eek, I LOVE them! I hope Lily’s teacher will love this jar, because I know I’ll love the big jar. I’ve already taken off the tag and have it sitting on our dining table. :)


For more Teacher and Student projects be sure to check out Michael’s Lookbook.

Also, here is some more Michael’s information I wanted to make sure you knew about:

  • Michaels offers a 15 percent discount for teachers every day. Make sure to talk to a store associate during your next trip to learn more.
  • Need a large quantity of one back to school item but donโ€™t see enough on the shelves? Michaels offers a bulk ordering program where you can order as many supplies as you need and save up to 20 percent.
  • Donโ€™t forget to download the Michaels app so that you will always have the latest deals and coupons at your fingertips in case you need last minute school supplies.

I just downloaded my app last week and LOVE not worrying about carrying a coupon with me at all times. It’s SO convenient!

For more fun and easy Teacher Gifts be sure to check out:

Uh-MASON Teacher Gift idea on { }

Uh-Mason Teacher Gift

Can’t believe School will be starting in no time! Hope you like these gift ideas. :)


This is a Sponsored Post brought to you by Michael’s. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. :)

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These are so cute! I have a ton of jars I got from my grandmother and have yet to paint any of them. I’m just curious as to why you paint it with the chalkboard paint fist…thanks!

I just want to make sure that I get this right when I make some of these. I spray chalkboard paint all over on the inside of the jar? What is the best way to get good coverage, do I just have the jar standing upright and spray into the jar, or do I tip it on it’s side and then spray inside? I’ve never spray painted the inside of a jar before. :) Thanks!

This is darling!! I am a speech therapist in an elementary school and would love to give this as a gift to some coworkers. Is there any way you can make a tag that leaves off the “in class.? Just thought inwould ask. Such a great idea!!!!

Ask and you shall receive… added it to the post. Hope it’s what you’re looking for. Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ˜€

So when you use your finger the yellow spray paint comes off but the chalkboard paint wont?? Just want to make sure as it seems like both colors would chip off when you scratch the letters….

Just clarified in the directions. Both chip off but the black paint in the other areas still makes it look as if the black layer didn’t come off. Hope that makes sense. :)

I’m DYING over these. I want to make one for my friend who is a teacher… any way you can make a tag that says something like “have a ball this year in class”?? Thank you!

Is there a reason for using black CHALKBOARD spray paint and not just regular black spray paint? Thanks! I am in love with this idea for my sons teacher this year!!

Where can I get a copy of the label that left off the “in class”? I also want to make this for my co-workers. Thank you. It is such a cute idea!

Thank you, Jill! SO glad you love them. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you can come back to Lil’ Luna soon. Have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜€

Great idea! I just made two and they turned out so cute. I used regular black spray paint for my first layer instead of chalkboard paint and that turned out just fine. I also just used sandpaper on the raised letters, and that worked well too. Thanks for your creativity!

I’ve confused myself a little. Am I painting the black paint on the inside of the jar, or the outside. I see you have OUTSIDE written, but I’m just making sure I got this right.

Yes, on the outside. It comes off when you scrape off the paint but you can’t tell because the black paint makes it look dark on the inside. Kinda confusing, but I hope that helps. :)

I just wanted to say “thank you” for the printable. This is so cute and you made it super easy to reprint and size it for our own little gift! I appreciate you being so willing to share…there are not too many that give openly like you. Thank you again!

Hi Alisha! Your comment made my day. So glad you could use the prints. I’m happy to share and appreciate you stopping by. Hope you can come back again soon. XO

I love these!!! I want to do some kind of mason jar project but have yet to do. Can’t wait to make some, but I’m OBSESSED with turquoise, so I’m going to try that out:-) Love your website, just found you and loving all your creativity:-)

SUPER cute! Any chance you’ve finished the tag for the end of the year yet? “I had a Ball in class this year” or whatever. I’m sooo not talented in the tag making department. Thanks for sharing!

I just love these! Hoping to get my butt in gear to do them before school starts. I’ve looked through the post and comments, but may have missed it – what color yellow did you use? So stinkin’ cute. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Almost … makes me wish I had kids on school still so I could make this for a teacher. Wonderful gift idea and post.
Certainly seems quite easy and quick to accomplish. The tags are fantastic to help adorn this special gift.
Kids here in Grand Junction, CO areas started school on August 4th. and boy is there alot of flack about it in papers. G.J. has several rural communities close by where the kids are in 4H and FFA which the early start has really messed up for most of them to take to State Fair, interrupts family vacations, kids working, businesses that rely on summer income. No reason for it except for way too many week long breaks all thru the year. Spring break was lengthened to 2 weeks. We’ll see what happens when school starts next year.
Enjoy your little ones and happy week

Just finished my own version if this jar in a seafoam/mint green color and love, love, LOVE it!

The chalkboard printable is equally adorable, although I wish the text was ordered a little differently and said, “Had such a Ball in class with you this year. Thank you!” I may have to try my hand at designing my own personalized tag – which sounds a bit overwhelming at the moment.

In any case, than you ever so much for sharing your craftiness!

Hi Lil Luna,

I love the label but wanted to know if you can send this in a different format so that we can edit it or if you can tell me what program you used because it’s super cute but I want to customize it for our school’s back to school teacher luncheon.

Thank you!!

We have used both, and yes, the poly does sometimes yellow but usually only over white paint. Polycrylic works too but the Polyurethane is our “go-to.” ๐Ÿ˜‰