Bathroom Makeover

I think this next home project will be the first one I’ve shared with you guys since moving to Texas.

We moved at the very end of May and have enjoyed starting fresh on a new house with lots of fun projects. We’re pretty much working on a part of the house each weekend, and the past week it has been our Guest Bathroom. Let me begin by saying that although our house isn’t very old, everything (and I mean everything, including the ceilings) was TAN… and had brass fixtures. Yeah, not my cup of tea, so we have now painted EVERY room, all the oak-colored cabinets, the ceiling and have changed all of the cabinet knobs and door knobs. It’s slowly starting to feel like home and I can’t wait to show you more pictures.

Today, I will be showing you our Guest Bathroom Makeover. Here is how it turned out:

Bathroom Makeover on { }

In a nutshell, we painted the walls (didn’t have a pic of it beforehand), changed out all the light fixtures, painted the cabinets, changed the cabinet knobs, made a DIY Framed Mirror, and added some cute wall decor. Here are the before and after pics:AFTER

It looks a gazillion times better than it did before, and I’m SO happy with how it turned out. I know I’ll be adding a few more things still but will be doing that over time. This bathroom links to the guest bedroom/nursery so I wanted to make sure it looked cute first before any of the others. We have family coming next week and two weeks after that so this was good motivation to get it done (we always work better under pressure). 😀

We did quite a few things to spruce up this bathroom, and I want to share with you all that we did and show with you how you can do the same thing without spending a TON of money. :)


Bathroom Makeover - Cabinets with new knobs

Said goodbye to the oak cabinets and brass knobs cuz they weren’t too pretty, and I just can’t do plain wood color for some reason. 😉

We recently painted our ktchen cabinets and replaced the knobs too, so we kept all of these nickel knobs to add to the bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom Makeover - Cabinets

Such a huge difference already!


Bathroom Makeover - Lights Before and After

When we removed our old lights there was dry-wall damage from the way they had been installed previously. There were several divets to fill as well as a gaping hole to patch. The materials we needed to fix this were:

– 2 light kits

– Spackle (we used Fast’N Final Lightweight Spackling – it’s super light, sands really fast and dries quickly)

– 4 inch patch kit

– Sanding Screen

– Wire cutters

– Cordless Drill

– Spackling knife

– Drywall Hand Sander

– Touch-up Paint & Paint brush


Bathroom Makeover - 1

1. First, we removed the old light and applied the patch to the large hole. The style we used had an adhesive mesh with a thin metal plate. So you simply remove the backing and stick it the wall in the area of the hole.

Bathroom Makeover - 2

2. We spackled over the patch and over all the divets. It’s better to add too much and sand it away later, than to not add enough and have to re-apply.


3. Sand the spackling smooth. We used 150 grit sanding screen and a drywall hand sander. We sanded until it was completely smooth and had no visible transitions to the painted wall. This was very dusty. We would recommend putting down plastic because dust went everywhere. We painted it when it was done.

Bathroom Makeover - 7

4. Install the lights according to the instructions provided. We bought the Allen + Roth 3-Light Vanity Light found here.

Bathroom Makeover - Ceiling Lights

5. We also installed an LED Flushmount Ceiling Fixture. This light is awesome. It puts out a ton of light and is extremely light an easy to install. It also lasts 30,000 hours without having to change any bulbs. Plus, it’s very energy efficient and cost only $35 and included the lights (found here).

DIY Framed Mirror Tutorial for under $30!!

 I LOVE the new lights, and not only do they provide more light but are just prettier too!


DIY Framed Mirror Tutorial on { }

We felt like this was an easy project that would add a lot to our bathroom. We are planning on doing this for all our bathrooms and knew we needed an easy and inexpensive way to do it. Here is what we came up with:

– White Prefinished Polystyrene Casing Moulding (found here). We used this because it was inexpensive ($5.15 for 7 feet), extremely lightweight, easy to work with and moisture resistant since it’s not made of wood.

– Staple gun and staples

– Super glue

– Latex Caulking

– Paint (We used Rustoleum High Performance Black Enamel)

– Spray Polyurethane (we used Clear Satin)

– Hand Miter Saw (found here)

– Painters Tape


1. To begin we measured the outer height and width of our mirrors. We decided to make it end flush with the sides and about 1/2 inch above the top of the mirror. This half inch was to cover up the plastic brackets that are holding the mirror to the wall.

2. Using the miter saw, we cut out the 4 sides at a 45 degree angle with the long dimension of each board matching the lengths and widths we measured in Step 1.

Bathroom Makeover - 11

Bathroom Makeover - 3

3. We lined the top and bottom boards up on the mirror and marked where the plastic brackets would hit the frame. We then used a forstner bit to recess these areas. A paddle bit would work too.

4. We needed to glue the edges together and chose to use a combination of staples and super glue. Because the material is so light the super glue worked just fine. You could use wood glue for a better bond but this is difficult because the moulding is so soft it’s difficult to use clamps without damaging the moulding. With the front of the boards facing down, we lined up each corner and stapled across the joint to hold them together. We were careful not to staple in the thinner sections of the moulding. We then carefully flipped the frame over. One joint at a time, we opened them just slightly and poured in a bead of super glue along the joint. We then held the joints together tightly until the super glue set, which was about 60 seconds.

5. We then spray painted the moulding and let it dry completely. NOTE** It’s important to spray both sides because the edges of the back will be reflected and visible in the mirror. We then sprayed two coats of Polyurethane to better protect the paint and moulding from any water damage. Let dry completely.

Bathroom Makeover - 5

6. We adhered the frame to the mirror. We were able to use latex caulking because the frame was so light. We prefer this because it makes it so the frame could be removed and the mirror could be cleaned up at a later date, if needed. We simply ran a bead of caulking around the edges. NOTE** Make sure to not run any caulking within 3/4″ of the inner edge or you will see as it spreads out against the mirror in the reflection.

Bathroom Makeover - 6

7. Using painters tape, we taped the frame against the wall until the caulking had set (about 2 hours).

DIY Framed Mirror Tutorial

DIY Framed Mirror Tutorial for under $30!!

We had most of the tools needed for this framed mirror, so it cost us just about $25 to make. It was so worth the money to me since it made such a huge difference and makes the bathroom look SO much nicer. What’s crazy is you would never be able to tell that it isn’t real wood, which is the coolest part! AND, if you do have to take it down for some reason it isn’t so crushing since it was so cheap to do. Other than the cute wall art, this FRAME is the best part of the bathroom! 😀


It’s always fun to have cute decor in any part of your home, but usually the bathroom gets overlooked. For this bathroom, I knew I wanted to do a few things to make it more personalized and fun to match the rest of the home. I remember when Lily was a baby and I took a picture of her while taking a bath. RIGHT THEN, in my mind I decided I would take pics of all my kids in the bath because I knew it would be a super cute Bathroom Display. I’m so glad I remembered to do it for all 4 kids (it’s hard for me to remember these kinds of things these days) because now I have some CUTE (if I don’t say so myself) WALL ART.

CUTE Bathroom Wall Art!

They are all 8×10 pictures put into 11×14 frames. Using a matted frame can make your pictures look larger and nicer, so that’s why I did this way. We have Lily top left, Gav top right, Evie bottom left, and Wesley bottom right. MAN – I LOVE these guys!!

Bathroom Makeover - 8

{I also added this cute bathroom knob board I found at Ross years ago for $6.99. Perfect for the middle!}

Bathroom Wall Art

Adorable Bathroom Wall Art

I’m not going to lie – this is my favorite part of the bathroom. These guys are just too cute!!

I also decided to make a little Typography art and made this:

Wash Brush Floss Flush Wall Art for Bathroom

I have a vinyl machine so it makes it very easy to do for me, but here’s what you’ll need if you want to make it too:

– Wood (mine was 16 inches x 24 inches)

– Paint for the text color (I used Rustoleum High Performance Enamel – WHITE)

– Paint for the top color (I used Rustoleum High Performance Enamel – BLACK)

– Spray Polyurethane (I always use Clear Satin)

– Vinyl

Bathroom Makeover - 4

1. Just spray paint your board the text color (for me it was white). Let dry.

2. Then add your vinyl.

3. Then paint it the top color (for me it was black). Let dry.

4. Peel off your vinyl. And add a layer or two of Polyurethane. Let dry

Voila – super cute and super easy!

I had all the paint and vinyl and only needed to buy the wood which was about $5. 😀

No worries if you don’t have access to vinyl! I thought I’d make a printable of it too!

Bathroom Wall Art - Free Print

Just click on the image above, and then right-click and save. Get it printed and framed. You can do an 8×10 in an 11×14 like I did with the baby pictures above or even print as an 11×14 and fit in a 16×20 frame for a bigger size. The options are endless.

AND… You can even change the color of the text or background. Just download it and then open it up in Paint Shop or Photo Shop and change those colors. Easy peasy!!


Not only is it super easy, but updating the bathroom fixtures is a great way to spruce up the bathroom. I wanted to change out the towel holder and toilet paper holder and did just that. The towel holder was also too low and hit the toilet so we patched up those holes, painted and moved the other one a bit higher. :)

Bathroom Makeover - Towel Holder

Bathroom Makeover - 9

I love how it all turned out!!

Now, I just smile when I take a peek into the bathroom, whereas, before I may have cringed a bit. 😉


ALSO, a few people have asked where the shower curtain is from and I bought it off of Groopdealz (a Daily Deals website). I have seen others on Etsy Though and I highly recommend signing up to some daily deal website since I have seen the shower curtains on there more than once. :)

Turquoise Paint Color is Sherwin Williams – 6765 – SPA – It is SOOO pretty!

Pretty Bathroom Makeover on { } #bathroom #makeover

HUGE props to the hubby who helped out so much. He is seriously the best (and I really mean that because I feel like together we can do anything!!)

Thanks, Lo!!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lowes. All opinions are 100% mine.

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About Lil' Luna

Kristyn is passionate about sharing ALL things creative! From recipes and tips to crafts and DIY projects, Kristyn loves to share with her readers how to be creative and how to do things simply. When not creating, she is busy going on adventures with her 5 children (ages 7 to 6 months) and with her best friend/husband, Lorin.

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  1. 1

    I love every single little detail that you added to the bathroom detail!!! My bathroom is actually the same color with black and white accents…I totally just saved your printable so I can add it above our towel rack :-) Thank you for the awesome inspiration!!!
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  2. 3

    I love this makeover so much! I was just looking at how to do a frame for a mirror and this is perfect! Thank you! Also do you mind saying where you got your shower curtain?

  3. 5

    I love your bathroom. It’s adorable, colorful, and functional. Great job!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Rekaya Gibson recently posted..Blood Orange Martini Cocktail RecipeMy Profile

  4. 7

    This is just beautiful! You make it look amazing and easy. I have the same layout bathroom and I could totally do this! I love also your colors. I seriously need a vinyl machine… Xo

    • 8

      Vinyl machines are seriously the best! I feel like I can make crafts all the time because I have it. It’s worth the investment! :)

  5. 9

    I love the paint color, what is the name & brand?

  6. 11

    I love your wall art and pics of the little ones. Too darling. And those lights! I have some “ugh” ones in my guest bath that are really in need of some updating. These would be perfect! :)
    Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe recently posted..gone batty Halloween cake & Halloween blog hopMy Profile

    • 12

      If you get these lights, you will love them. I feel like it has made a world of difference in the bathroom! :) Thank you for stopping by, Kim! XO

  7. 13

    Wow! I love this! Thank you for sharing! I am wondering what the paint color is and also if you bought the shower curtain somewhere or made it?

  8. 14

    Kristyn, I love it! Great color combination….it looks so fresh and cheery! Hope you are enjoying Texas!
    Krista recently posted..Guest post #2 from the Lone Runner – Tips to turn that one-night-stand to a long lasting relationship!My Profile

    • 15

      You’re so sweet, Krista! Thank you!! And yes, we are enjoying TX but already missing family and friends back home. We’re excited to come back and visit in December. :)

  9. 16

    love the wall color – so fresh!
    Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts recently posted..Ruby Lou Doll!My Profile

    • 17

      Thanks, Mandy!! You’re the best! Hope you are doing well, friend, and that I will get to see you at SNAP next year. XO

  10. 18

    Love it!! What is the name of the paint you used? Also, where did you get the shower curtain? So in love with it all!

    • 19

      Thanks, Madie! The shower curtain is from Groopdealz and the paint color is Sherwin Williams – 6765 – SPA.

  11. 20

    Wow! Y’all have been busy! It looks great! We framed in our bathroom mirrors too and it’s amazing what a huge difference it makes. Have a great weekend!
    Lisa at Texas Decor recently posted..Another Sneak PeekMy Profile

    • 21

      Yes, we are definitely keeping busy!! A framed mirror definitely adds so much. Thank you for stopping by, Lisa! Have a great week. :)

  12. 22

    I love everything about this bathroom! Thanks for taking the time to share so many of the details. What is the font you used for the vinyl??

  13. 24

    How did you paint the cabinets? What kind of paint? And did you have to prime or sand the cabinets first? I would love to do this in my home!

    • 25

      They were washed down and not sanded… and then were hand-painted using Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 B34 W251 EXTRA WHITE.

  14. 26

    I know I am way behind the times because I am just now seeing this, but I have become obsessed with making my bathroom look like this. I love it so much!!

    I was wondering what size font you used for your vinyl letters… do you happen to remember?

  15. 27

    This is fabulous. I love everything about this! Great photos.

  16. 28
    Christina Engstrom :


    LOVE the remodel. How did you split the power for the two new light fixtures? I currently have one light fixture but would like to do something similar to what you did. Any advice would be appreciated!

  17. 29

    How did you paint the cabinets? Has it held up well or is it chipping/peeling?

    • 30

      No chipping or peeling yet. For cabinets we usually sand them down really well and add a few coats of paint. We always finish it off with a few layers of Polyurethane to help seal and haven’t had any problems with it so far. 😉

  18. 31
    Katelynn Owens :

    Hello! I really, really, really love the color you chose for the bathroom walls and I would really like to know where you bought the paint from and what the name of the paint was called! I’ve been searching for the perfect blue and this is it. If you could let me know, if you still know the name of it, that would be great! Thank you. Great job with the bathroom though. Love what you did with the lights. It was in desperate need of a fix!

  19. 32
    Susan Norman :

    where did you get your light fixture.

  20. 33

    Totally loves this! Props to both you and your husband! Wonderful job! Definitely love how you made everything ABC, 123. I look forward to reading about more projects!! :)

  21. 34


    I was wondering how the pictures are holding up? I am looking to do the same in my boys bathroom and wondered if you put anything on the photos to protect them? Is there glass in the frame, if so is it sticking to it?

  22. 35

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