NOEL Word Art

I’m uber excited for this one, because I LOVE
all the fun craftiness found over at Craftily Ever After.
Jessica has so many great ideas and has a
TON of FREE PRINTABLES (and we all know how much I love printables!!)
We are swapping today so be sure to check out her blog to see
my tutorial for a Christmas Paper Centerpiece.
Now, I’ll turn the time over to Jessica…
Hi all of Lil Luna’s friends! I’m Jessica from Craftily Ever After and I’m so glad to be blog-swapping with Kristyn today! Her style is fantastic! I first found her blog through a link to the temple blocks she made, and now that’s the cousin-gift my baby will be giving this year for Christmas! Kristyn’s awesome ideas have continued to inspire me so I am thrilled to be taking over her blog for the day.
If you’re anything like me, you have Pottery-Barn taste on a garage-sale budget. So when I saw this fabulous bit of word art a few weeks back, I immediately knew I would have to recreate it.
Here is Pottery Barn’s version, for $80:

Here is my version of the NOEL Word Art, almost twice as big, and for $60 less!

First I gathered my letters. These ones are from Joann’s. I got the huge paper mache ones they sell because I knew I was putting it in our living room with the vaulted ceiling. They’re about two feet tall each.

I got each letter for $4.99 with coupons, except for the N which had a little damage.
So they gave me that one for 75% off. $2.50! Score! The damage doesn’t show a bit. To stick the letters together, I knew I had to use my trusty E-6000 glue, which takes 24 hours to cure, and has to have something applying pressure to it to hold it in place for that time. Since I have the patience of a flea that was not going to work. Instead, I first applied the E-6000,
and then squeezed hot glue inbetween the E-6000 globs. The hot glue dried immediately and held it together while the other stuff dried. This way I could keep right on working!

Next is my favorite part- the spray paint. Pottery Barn’s wall art has a hand-pounded bronze finish. To mimic that, I used Rust-oleum’s Hammered Finish Bronze.

It gives it a cool metal-y looking sheen and texture. And the texture hides imperfections, like in the top of my ‘N’.

All done! As soon as the paint dried I plopped it up on the shelf and the glue cured as it was displayed. Multi-tasking decoration!

Thanks so much for having me, Kristyn! :)
And thanks for swapping, Jessica.
Be sure to check out Craftily Ever After for some amazing inspiration!
Lil' Luna

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  1. 1

    That is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paula

  2. 2

    completely adorable!

  3. 3

    You are amazing! Great ideas! Thanks!

  4. 4

    Love it! I haven't seen those letters at J's, I'll look next time I go!

  5. 5

    wow! awesome! it looks great

  6. 6

    LOve this!!! so cost effective and easy to do. great job =)

  7. 7

    Loving this Noel word art…so fun and an easy craft to spice things up (:

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