Avocado Bacon Egg Rolls

Avocado Bacon Egg Rolls - yes please! { lilluna.com } #eggrolls

You may have figured something out by now… That is – my family LOVES to eat! So much of what we do is centered around food and provides excuses to get together. Being in Texas, I’m not there anymore to enjoy all the delicious cooking and baking going on, but I’m definitely trying out all […]

Honey BBQ Wings Recipe

Delicious Boneless Honey BBQ Wings Recipe #wings

While most bloggers are posting delicious healthy recipes to help with New Years resolutions I’m still posting appetizers. Whoops! I promise I’ll try and find some healthy ones soon but still had a few appetizers I wanted to share. This next one is a recipe my sister, Kellyn, makes all the time. I’ve mentioned before […]

Spinach Cheese Puffs Recipe

Spinach Cheese Puffs - a great and easy appetizer

Did everyone have a great Christmas?! I sure hope so! I’m going to be honest… I was a little worried that we wouldn’t enjoy Christmas as much this year being away from family, but we were able to spend it with new and old friends which made it wonderful! Not sure if I’ve mentioned it […]

Mozzarella Bites

Delicious Mozzarella Balls Appetizer

Have I mentioned how much we love appetizers in my family?? This next recipe is one my sister, Kellyn, tried out. For years she’s always been the one to make homemade Mozzarella Sticks (stay tuned for that recipe next week), but she wanted to change things up and decided to make some Mozzarella Bites instead. […]

Homemade Hummus Recipe


Happy Thanksgiving week! I’m so excited to be back posting today with the easiest appetizer recipe ever. I know hummus isn’t the most traditional Thanksgiving appetizer, but my whole family loves it, especially my super picky six year old! I love that it’s so easy to make and good for you too. This recipe is […]

Sweet Salsa Verde Recipe + Gift Idea

Sweet Salsa Verde Recipe on { lilluna.com } #salsa

I LOVE Salsa!! Ever since I moved to Texas I haven’t been able to find a Salsa I really like (insert sad face here). Back home we would always get El Sol Salsa found at Sam’s Club, which is made by some family friends. We LOVE it!! Since I haven’t been able to find any […]

Delicious Dill Vegetable Dip

Vegetable Dip

Hi I’m Ashley with Little Yellow Barn!  I think there are two different types of people in the world: People who LOVE food (foodies). And people who couldn’t care less about it. I, unfortunately, LOVE food. When I love a meal or dessert… I LOVE IT! I talk about it, rave about it, want everyone to try it, shout it from the rooftops… you get […]

Fried Eggrolls Recipe

Super simple and super delicious Fried Egg Rolls

Did you know the Chinese New Year is coming up? If you didn’t, I thought I’d let you know because it’s a great holiday! We celebrate it every year as a family ever since I returned home from living in China back in over 10 years ago. I lived there as a Volunteer English teacher […]

Homemade Bruschetta Recipe

Easy Homemade Bruschetta Recipe on { lilluna.com } #bruschetta

I think I mentioned this last year but in case I didn’t, our family always looks forward to New Year’s Eve, and I’ll tell you why…. The whole night is filled with family fun and fireworks as we each bring appetizers and yummy food to eat and share all night long. It’s kind of our […]

Fried Zucchini Recipe

The BEST fried zucchini!

Today I am sharing another family favorite recipe. This one happens to be my favorite appetizer in the whole world! It’s something we have at almost every meal {and I’m not exaggerating – we just love it THAT much}!! I also like to order it at restaurants and have decided that Cheesecake Factory and Claim Jumper […]

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Black Bean and Corn Salsa recipe #salsa

I LOVE Avocados! Growing up in a Hispanic family meant we ate them a ton! We have lots of Mexican food and tend to add Avocados to everything. We recently made a ton of Mexican food for my brother’s wedding luncheon and I was asked to make a salsa for the chips. I ended up […]

Pumpkin Fluff Recipe

Hi, I’m Christina from Photography by CMC.  Except for anything chocolate, this is one of my all time favorite recipes. It’s super easy to make, perfect for autumn, great for a quick snack or party, you can make it rich or light and everyone loves it. Are you intrigued yet? Print   #version# Pumpkin Fluff […]

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