Ex-Straw Special Valentines

I’ll admit… I’m a sucker for party supplies. I think it’s the bright colors and fun patterns that catch my eye, but I can’t help but collect them and use them for myself and give out as gifts. As I was thinking of a few of the items I LOVE as well as thinking of some of the Valentines I did last year, I had the perfect Valentines gift idea for family and friends.

I used this post from last year as inspiration. This idea was used more as a kid gift idea, but this next one is more for adults, and mostly for ladies like me who like having party supplies around. :)

You are Ex-STRAW Special Valentines. Cute idea! Free prints on { lilluna.com } #valentines

That’s right! All I did was make a cute Printable and attach it to a bag of Vintage Striped Straws to make some Ex-Straw Special Valentines. Cute and easy, right?! Not to mention, super duper quick (another project that takes only minutes).

Here is what you’ll need to make them as well…


– Vintage Striped Straws (I got mine from The TomKat Studio)

– Ex-Straw Special Valentines Print (available for download below)

– Glue Dots


Valentines - You are Ex-STRAW special. Free prints on { lilluna.com } #valentines

1. Begin by Saving the image above by clicking on it and then right-clicking and saving. Open it in a program like word to re-size and print. I made mine 3 inches x 6 inches. Cut out.

You are Ex-STRAW Special Valentine. Free print on { lilluna.com } #valentines

2. From there I just attached the print to the top of the straws using Glue Dots. Easy peasy.

You are Ex-STRAW Special. Free Valentines prints on { lilluna.com } #valentines

Voila! It was super fast and oh-so simple!If you’re still looking for some friends and family gifts for Valentines, this would be perfect! I know I would LOVE getting some striped straws because they are so stinkin’ awesome.

Stay tuned for even more fun and easy Valentines gifts tomorrow!


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    Oh this is Adorably Sweet!! :) I came back to tell you thank you so much for your concern and thoughts for Bryce and saw these ; ) We are doing well and have an appt. with a Specialized Nutritionist. We are praying this will be beneficial. You need to do a tutorial on how to make printable downloads. I have been trying to figure it out :) And how do you get your printable to look so vibrant? Do you have a REALLY good printer? LOL!! lots of questions, huh!!
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