ExSTRAWdinary Valentines

I promise this is one of the last Valentines projects I will be doing… {I think}. :)

Today I will show you how to make some ExSTRAWdinary Valentines.

If you haven’t seen these Magic Milk Straws at the store, you must check them out! My mom discovered them and my kids have been obsessed every since. I was able to get several packs at Safeway on sale for .50 {score!!}. I saw them this week at Wal-Mart and they are $1.99 regularly. Not too bad. They come in all sorts of flavors – Strawberry, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, Strawberry-Banana and more. All you do is stick the straws in regular milk and it flavors the milk as it goes up. Pretty clever, huh?

I decided to make some cute tags to go with them.

ExSTRAWdinary Valentines prints on { lilluna.com } #valentines

Here is what you’ll need in case you want to make them as well. :)


-Magic Milk Straws





1. Save tags by clicking on the image, and then clicking again and right-clicking and SAVING. Print and cut out.

2. Punch and add to straws with ribbon or twine.

Ex-STRAW-dinary Valentines from { lilluna.com }

Cute & Easy.

That’s how I like it. :)


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  1. 1

    I love these!! I have been trying to find something for my preschooler. These are perfect! Thank you!

  2. 3

    OMGOSH.. I have never seen these! I will be making a Walmart run later today. I LOVE THEM! Many Thanks for the great printable and to your Mom for finding the straws.

  3. 4

    We featured your very sweet printables at candy free valentines craft with our crazy straws…because they would be just as cute on those fun heart shaped valentine straws without the milk flavors. Thank you for sharing!! http://www.holiday-kids-crafts.com/valentine-craft-ideas-candy-free.html

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