Grandma Board for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner and in case are you still looking for cute and inexpensive ideas for mom, I got you covered!!

This next craft is perfect for any mom, especially for Grandma!

It’s a Grandma Magnet board that is perfect to hang pics of all the grandkids on.

What’s even better about this craft is that it costs only about $5 to make. Sa-weeeet!

Here is what you’ll need to make it too:




-Spray Paint

-Sheet Metal (found in roofing section of Home Depot for 99 cents)

-Scrapbook Paper

-Mod Podge



-Hot Glue


-Embellishments (I used lace to make a rolled flower)


1. Begin by cutting your piece of beadboard to your desired size. I cut mine to be about 14.5 inches by 11 inches. I also drilled two holes at top for where I would add my ribbon. Spray paint and let dry.

2. Cut your scrapbook paper to the size of sheet metal. My sheet metal was 8 inches by 12 inches. Mod podge scrapbook paper onto sheet metal by applying a thin layer of mod podge and press on as you go.

3. Hot glue sheet metal to your piece of beadboard in the middle.

4. Add your ribbon. To do this I strung a piece of ribbon through the back into each hole and tied it at the top.

5. Make magnets for your board. I made mine by adding a magnet to the back of a button.

6. Embellish with a quote and flower. I found the quote that said:

“Grandma’s House – The place cousins go to become best friends.”

I thought this was pretty fitting since the kiddos LOVE going to grandma’s to play with the cousins. I did the same thing growing up and still consider my cousins to be some of my best friends!

I just typed this up in Word to the size I wanted, cut it out and hot glued it to the front.

You can make it any quote to customize who it is for.

I made my lace flower just by rolling it and hot gluing as I went. :)

 Grandmas are all about the grand kids so this is a cute and inexpensive gift that would be perfect for Mother’s Day (or even Grandparent’s Day!)

And what’s great is these get cheaper the more you make so grab a friend or two (or ten!) and get crackin’ and you will have super cute gifts for under 5 bucks – score!!


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  1. 1

    What a cute idea, and it turned out beautiful! I just love seeing all the awesome things you come up with.

  2. 2
    • 3

      It was already 8 inches x 12 inches and was in the roofing section and not in the sheet metal section. It’s only .99. I couldn’t find it at first either but now use this pieces ALL the time. Let me know if that helps. :) XO

      • 4

        I just put my scrapbook paper on my sheet metal nd it dried with rust spots. How do you prevent that from happening?

        • 5

          Hi Jane. So sorry about the rust spots. I’ve added the scrapbook paper to the sheet metal with mod podge several times and have never had rust spots. What did you use to adhere them together?

  3. 6

    I love this! I actually have a small piece of bead board sitting out back! Guess I know what I’m making for the grandmas for Mother’s Day now. :)


  4. 7

    I’m hosting a Homemade Mother’s Day Link Party and would love to have you add this beautiful project. The link is at
    Hope you can join,
    Karri Reiser recently posted..Teacher AppreciationMy Profile

  5. 8

    Where do you purchase beadboard? How much does this cost? I love this idea!!!

    • 9

      I get mine at Home Depot or Lowe’s and depending on where you go, you can find different sizes. I know at Home Depot they will cut it for you too. :)

  6. 10

    Oooo I love that scrapbook paper. It’s darling!
    Alison recently posted..Beach Glass-Style CoastersMy Profile

  7. 11

    Did you use card stock for the quote? How did you get the “dark” edges? Do you apply the mod podge to the top of the scrapbook paper? I am pretty new to the DIY craft thing. : )

  8. 12

    Would you mind if we did this as one of our Super Saturday Crafts for my LDS ward? I think it would be a fun craft to make but I wanted to make sure it would be okay with you first :)
    Sami Carter recently posted..Laundry Room ProjectMy Profile

  9. 14

    How much does beadboard generally cost? I love this craft! So cute. I

  10. 15

    I love this! if you dont mind me asking, what font did you use for the card? I love it and cannot seam to find it in Microsoft Word. Thanks!

  11. 16

    How much and where can I find the beadboard

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