Easy Peanut Clusters


Hey everyone!

I’m so excited to be guest posting on Kristyn’s site! My name is Jen and I blog at Elevate Everyday with my good friend Summer. We host Elevate Blog Conference in Newport Beach, CA once a year so if you are in the area look us up! It’s an awesome day filled with treats, swag, and meeting some pretty incredible people. We share everything lifestyle on our blog. Fashion, parties, recipes, and crafts.

Can you believe the month of December is almost over?! It has flown by way too quickly.

My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood. Everybody has been so nice and our kids have some great friends. I’ve been asking around about the “neighborhood gift etiquette” because I feel like we will be gifting a lot of neighbors and I want to know if I gift our close friends, or the ones to the left the right and across the street, or if I go to town and bake for the 45 homes in our neighborhood :)
These peanut clusters will be on our treat plate for sure.

My mom used to make them every year and they are so good. Read More »

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