Witch Hat Toppers

DIY Witch Hat Toppers and Straws tutorial on { lilluna.com }


DIY Witch Hat Straws - perfect for Halloween. Tutorial on { lilluna.com }

My brain never shuts off.

REALLY!! I’m constantly thinking of my family, our weekly schedule, what has to get done around the house, what has to get done for the blog AND always thinking of new ideas and creations for the blog.

Just a few weeks ago I came across an image for my Graduation Cap Toppers and thought, “I should do a witch hat version!” Next thing I know I was pulling out the paper and scissors cutting away.  The two oldest kids came in and asked what I was doing. Before I could say anything, they exclaimed, “You’re making Witch Hats!! SO COOL!!” They obviously liked them and were soon sitting next to me helping me create these Witch Hat Toppers. I had just finished the toppers when I realized I wanted to make straws too but needed to make sure there was a hole in top. Easy fix… I just cut a bit off the hat and stuck in the straw and called it good. ;)

These little Toppers and Straws were super easy to make and would be perfect for you next little Halloween party. The kids are having one in a few weeks and they insist I make these again. I think I will. ;) Read More »