Homemade Teriyaki Wings

Homemade Teriyaki Wings - one of the best recipes you'll ever try! { lilluna.com }

I LOVE anything Teriyaki! It has to be my all-time favorite flavor. Just ask my hubby… I always want anything teriyaki when we go out for date night, but he isn’t a huge fan of Asian/Island food which is pretty sad. Because he isn’t a huge fan I take any chance I can to get it when he’s not around or when I’m out with my mom and sisters. One of our favorite places to go is a place called Aloha Kitchen in Mesa, AZ. It’s a little hole in the wall but the food is AMAZING!! It was there many years ago that I first tried Teriyaki Wings. I had tried traditional wings before and loved them, but ended up taking that love to a whole new level with these Teriyaki Wings. They are seriously phenomenal and so addicting!! Since then my family will buy the Teriyaki Sauce and make our own wings at home. Fortunately, my mom discovered a recipe for the homemade Teriyaki Sauce so I can make these wings myself being in Texas. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!!

As I mentioned earlier this week, my family has appetizers on New Year’s Eve and Homemade Wings are a MUST at this event. We usually make regular Buffalo Wings, but I’m thinking I will be talking my mom into making these instead. They just look TOO good not to! ;)

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