Copycat Chik Fil A Nuggets


Who here loves Chik-fil-A? My entire family is obsessed, and I'd be lying if I said we didn't go at least a few times each month. ;) We all know how delicious the food is, but the hubby and I also love their customer service and feel like they are the best fast-food chain around. The employees are always so nice and get you free refills and the kiddos … Read More »

Love You To The Moon And Back Print


I have always loved this quote. And since I was little, I had always hoped to have a best friend and husband that I could sincerely say it to. Having kids now, I love that I can say it to them also and they say it back. Simply, it just makes my heart happy to say this phrase and hear it back in return. In fact, with the kids, we usually say, "Love you to … Read More »

Frosted Cake Mix Lemon Cookies


Hello, it's me, Lily! Are you having a great weekend? We are! Next week we're going on a vacation and I'm going to miss a whole week of school and part of my ELM project. Do you know what I'm doing for my ELM project? I have to research a certain animal from the assigned area my teacher gives me. She gave me the Arctic, and I got to pick the Arctic Fox. … Read More »

Link Party Palooza

link party palooza banner

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a great week. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'll be out of town all next week, so if you send any emails I won't get to them for awhile. ;) Before we start the party, I just had to share a few of my favorite yummy treats that were linked up at last week' party! Mini Fruit Pizzas Frosted Frozen Lemonade … Read More »

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