Green Chili Cream Cheese Dip


I've discussed many times just how much the Luna family loves foods. Our get togethers and holiday celebrations all center around a menu and lots of delicious recipes. Over the years, many of these recipes have become standards at these events, and now it almost seems impossible NOT to have them at some of our get togethers. One of the recipes that has … Read More »

Something Sweet Gift Idea


Hey guys!! Ready for some more fun, Halloween ideas?! I sure hope so! Around the holidays, I'm always looking for fun and simple gifts that I can give to friends, family members and neighbors. It's such a crazy time of year which means the easier it is the better, and today's tutorial is super easy!! I thought it would be fun to have cute tags that said, … Read More »

Halloween Costume Essentials

20 Halloween Costume Essentials - essential makeup and accessories for Halloween no matter what your costume is! See it on { }

Hey you guys, It's Jezz again! Halloween is on it's way!! My annual search for the perfect Halloween costume has begun, and this year I'm going to have to put double the effort into finding one, because it turns out I have a *significant other* and I'm definitely making him do a couples costume with me (not even sorry)! So... If you have any super clever … Read More »

50+ DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

50+ DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - including family costumes, kids costumes, adult costumes, and couples costumes!! Find some Halloween inspiration on { }

You guys!! Where did this year go?! I cannot believe it's almost October!! Although the year flew by, I'm actually quite excited that it's the holidays. This is my favorite time of year and I sometimes wish the joy and traditions of these next few months could be here all year long. ;) One of my favorite kids' favorite holidays is Halloween. They love all … Read More »