No Small FEET Teacher Gift


The end of the school year is just around the corner! YAY! I know a ton of parents dread summer and find it a bit crazy to have the kiddos home all day, but I LOVE it. My kids have become best friends and play together really well (for the most part). ;) But, I also love not having to wake up early, not having to get all the kids ready for the day and … Read More »

White Chocolate Lasagna


Hi its me, Lily. How has your week been? Its been really fun for me. Yesterday in PE I got to play with a REALLY big ball. It was so much fun. It kept bonking into my face. It was SO funny. I even kicked the ball, and it accidentally hit my teacher in her face! She didn't get mad (which is good!) PE was one of my favorite parts of this week. :D Another … Read More »

Link Party Palooza

link party palooza banner

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone is gearing up for a fun weekend. :D I know we will be, and I'm STOKED! Before we get this party started, I wanted to share a few of my favorite creations from last week's party. Obviously, I was a bit hungry going through the links... Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Bars Green CHile Chicken Enchilada Casserole … Read More »

Lovin’ My Double Oven + Chocolate Chip Muffins


If you go to the about me section of my page, you learn a little more about why this blog is called "Lil' Luna." You see, my mom's maiden name is Luna and for as long as I can remember the Lunas have always been very creative. They have taught me so much and have instilled in me this desire to do things a little different, to think outside the box, and to … Read More »

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