Personalized Valentines

I wanted to make some personalized valentines… this is what I did….






-Scrapbook Paper


-Glue Stick

-Computer & Scanner


1. Begin by making 3 signs. I just used some posterboard. On the signs, I made sure it was decorated in Valentine’s Day colors, and I cut out the letters to spell “I – LOVE – YOU” (you could also do “HAPPY – VALENTINE’S – DAY”).

2. Put one word on each small posterboard.

3. Place the blanket or sheet on the couch how you want it.

4. Put your child on the couch or if they are old enough to hold it, you can just put them in front of the wall or in a cute spot.

5. Take pictures of you child holding each word. If your child is not old enough, you can just put the poster near your child like I did.

6. Once they pictures are done, I used PICASA (free photo editing program) to edit and find the cutest picture of each word (I-LOVE-YOU).

7. Then I printed out wallet size pictures of each, and then glued them to a piece of scrapbook paper. I then scanned that onto my computer.

This is what it looked

like scanned in:

Personalized Valentines to make with your child to say I LOVE YOU.

8. From there, I printed those out as a 5×7 and made frames out of scrapbook paper to go around each picture (I used mounting tape to make the frames POP out just a bit). Then I added this to a piece of cardstock paper. It was a VERY cute and was a very easy way to say Happy Valentine’s in a special way, and the grandparents just loved it!! It’s also super cute to print out the pics on 8x10s and put them in frames to hang in the hall. TWO crafts in one, baby! :)


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