Santa’s Hat Pops

Hi Everyone! It’s Amanda from Shindig Parties To Go and
I’ve got a fun little project for your holiday parties this year.
A few weeks ago I styled a Christmas Dessert table using Shindig’s latest Christmas collection
called Candy Christmas. One of the ideas that “popped” in my head when designing the table…..
a Santa hat to hold a cake pop!
The Santa’s hat holders add so much to the display with very little effort.
Those special, extra touches that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
The idea was to make a cake pop for the pom pom, but being on a pretty crazy schedule these days,
I decided at the last minute to substitute a true cake pop for something even easier to make….
 a Lindt Truffle Pop. Yes, yummy truffles are small and round, store bought
and make a perfect little pom pom for Santa’s hat.
Quick and easy treats…. just my style! Here goes the process….

Gather your materials:
– Printed pages of patterned paper from the Candy Christmas Collection (or heavy-weight cardstock)
– Small bit of white furry fabric
– Hot glue, scissors, pen and paper to make a simple triangular shaped cone template
– White Chocolate Lindt Truffles
– White coffee stirrers or lollipop sticks

Step 1: Create a basic template for a cone that is approximately 5″ high. Trace your template onto the back of your printed red/white dot paper from the Candy Christmas printables set or a heavy-weight cardstock.

Step 2: Cut out your cone template and roll the triangular shape into a cone shape.

Step 3: Using hot glue, secure the cone closed. I added a little piece or two of Scotch tape on the seam to make sure it wouldn’t pop open.

Step 4: Cut out a small, approximately 1.5″ wide strip of furry white fabric for the cuff of the hat.

Step 5: Glue the fur strip to the bottom of your hat shape with hot glue.

Step 6: Stand them up, ready for your cake pop. (Note: I think if I were to make these over again, I would also add something inside of the base of the hat to stabilize it better….. maybe a criss-cross of popsicle sticks hot glued to the inside base of the hat. The hats had a tendency to fall over once they ha the pops inside).


Gather your materials:
– Lindt Truffles
– White coffee stirrer or lollipop stick
– Agave or light corn syrup
– Clean, small paintbrush
– Sparkling white sugar from Wilton

STEP 1: Push a stick into the truffle to create a pop. Next, take your clean paint brush and dip it in your agave syrup (or light corn syrup) and cover your pop with something a little sticky…. not too much though.

STEP 2: Dip you sticky pop in a bowl full of white sparkling sugar and that’s all! You have a super easy and tasty pop.

So cute! I think these would also be wonderful without the pop,
filled with treats in a cellophane bag and given away as classroom treats.
They look adorable on any holiday party table, too. 
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will be making some of your own Santa’s hats this season.
Thanks, Kristyn!
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    The party is great! Super sweet.

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    looks cool

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