Green Chili Cream Cheese Dip

I’ve discussed many times just how much the Luna family loves foods. Our get togethers and holiday celebrations all center around a menu and lots of delicious recipes. Over the years, many of these recipes have become standards at these events, and now it almost seems impossible NOT to have them at some of our […]

Something Sweet Gift Idea

Hey guys!! Ready for some more fun, Halloween ideas?! I sure hope so! Around the holidays, I’m always looking for fun and simple gifts that I can give to friends, family members and neighbors. It’s such a crazy time of year which means the easier it is the better, and today’s tutorial is super easy!! […]

Halloween Costume Essentials

Hey you guys, It’s Jezz again! Halloween is on it’s way!! My annual search for the perfect Halloween costume has begun, and this year I’m going to have to put double the effort into finding one, because it turns out I have a *significant other* and I’m definitely making him do a couples costume with me (not even […]

Easy Candy Corn Halloween Banner

Hey Lil’ Luna readers. Hope you’re having a great Fall. It’s Cristina from Remodelando la Casa, and today, I want to share a very EASY project you can create in no time to decorate for Halloween. Well, not only Halloween. I know many of you don’t decorate for Halloween, but you can use this little […]

Halloween I Spy Printable

Hi it’s me Lily again Guess what happened yesterday?! It was my birthday party… Actually mine and Gavin’s birthday party. It was a pool party, and it was really fun!! My birthday isn’t for another 10 days but we did it early so I could celebrate it with my brother since his birthday was September […]

You’ve Been Booed Printable

Hello there! Michelle here, via My Belle Michelle. And today I want to share a cute Halloween Holiday printable with you all! One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. In fact, it is my husband’s absolute favorite. One of our family’s favorite traditions is to “boo” our neighbors with Halloween treats secretly, and it is […]

Pumpkin Oreos

While my daughter and I were putting together some Oreo treats (these Mickey Mouse Oreos), we had the idea to make some Pumpkin Oreos. We knew that the cookies were already popular on their own but dipping them in candy melts and adding cute faces would make them even more irresistible! We were so happy […]

Chocolate Oreo Spider Cake

Get ready, friends… I have another fun and creepy creation to share with you today. This one was inspired by the Chocolate Pudding Spider Pies we made a few years ago. Those are individual-size treats, and I thought it would be fun to make on big spider cake that was simple and delicious and perfect for […]

Halloween Trivia Print

We LOVE games! Almost always when we are gathered as a family, we try to play games. It can get hard when there are tons of kids running around, but when they’re busy playing you better believe us adults are trying to squeeze in one card or board game. We especially love to play games […]

Monster Rice Krispies Treats

Hi, it’s me Lily again! Guess what’s coming up in a few weeks? My birthday party!! It’s going to be a cool pool party. We’re going to have pizza, cake and some of my cousins and friends. And guess what? My birthday party is close to Halloween. Did you know that’s one of my favorite […]

Chocolate Spider Trifle

You guys ready for some fun Halloween recipes?! We’ve been busy here in the Lil’ Luna kitchen cooking up all sorts of fun, festive and yummy concoctions. I’ve had so much fun, and am so happy that every recipe has turned out just as good or better than I imagined. Through out the year, I […]

20+ DIY Fall and Halloween Wreaths

You guys know how much I LOVE Holiday Wreaths. It’s one of my most favorite holiday creations. They may mean nothing to many, but to me, there is nothing more inviting and festive than a beautiful holiday wreath hanging on the door. It just makes me happy. In fact, when I visit a neighbor (or […]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

My taste buds are changing. I’ve always LIKED pumpkin recipes but have never been a huge pumpkin recipe lover. I make them quite often because many members of my family enjoy them and because I know you guys love them, but I usually am not making them for me. Of course, I gotta try them […]

Caramel Apple Cider

Hi, it’s me Lily again! I like that introduction. 😀 Guess what happened today? My second cousin Bella invited us over to swim in her pool. I haven’t seen her in a long time so I’m excited to see her. She even moved to a new house, so I’m excited to see her new house and […]

Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats

Hi, it’s me Lily again! Did you miss me? Guess who came over last night?? Our friends, the Howells. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned them before but they are some of our best friends from Houston. Here is a picture of us from this morning eating breakfast at Kneader’s. We sure miss our Texas friends! […]

Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Hey guys!! Are you ready for Halloween? I thought I was and am just now realizing I’m not. I really am not sure how it happens, but the days seem to fly by and October is quickly disappearing. Anyone else feel the same way? Fortunately, we have our costumes ready for next week, which is […]

Halloween Bakers Twine Garland

Happy Fall Lil’ Luna readers!  Can you believe Halloween will be here before you know it?!  Today I’m sharing a fun Halloween Bakers Twine Garland, it will go perfectly with all the Halloween decor you will be putting out this week! You can create this in any Halloween color combination you’d like. Supplies: –  Bakers […]

20+ Halloween Desserts

Do you have a Halloween Party you are attending this year? And are you suppose to bring a yummy treat to share? In case you do, I’ve collected some of my favorite Halloween Cakes, Cookies and Pops Ideas that are sure to inspire you in the kitchen. CAUTION: YUMMY DESSERTS AHEAD Boo-tiful Halloween Cake from […]

Halloween Cupcakes Part 2

Seriously, people – why are all of you so stinkin’ clever!! I found soo many Halloween Cupcakes that I liked when I was searching last week and decided to do a whole other post for them. If you missed the 10 cupcakes from last week, go and check ’em out! I know you will LOVE them! […]

FREE Halloween Tags

Good news, my friends. The hubby’s “rule” for Halloween Decorating has always been.”When Target busts out the decor – you can!” Well, I’m happy to report that Target has put out their Halloween Stuff! You know what that means…I’m gonna be pulling out my orange and black bins from the garage to start decorating, and […]

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! I feel like I’m running out of time for making Halloween Decorations. Fortunately, pumpkins are on sale at Michael’s this weekend for 40% off. Definitely need to score me some of those. I’ll be busting out Decorations here in the next two […]