20+ Eyeball Treats

My kids LOVE to get in the kitchen with me to bake!! Cooking is a different story, but they love baking and love adding ingredients and mixing and doing anything they can to make yummy treats. With it being Halloween, they know I LOVE to make Eyeball Treats. I stock up on the Wilton Candy […]

25+ Halloween Treats

Although I LOVE Christmas treats, I admit that Halloween treats are my FAVORITE to make. I love them because of the bright and fun colors and the endless possibilities that you can do to make them pumpkin-y or spooky! If you’ve been to the site before you wouldn’t be surprised by this because every year […]

50+ Delicious Halloween Desserts

I’ve already discussed my love for Halloween as well as my love for creating around Halloween time. It just seems there are ENDLESS Possibilities and with candy companies and food companies releasing more and more holiday products, there are even more possibilities to the creations that can be made this time of year. So far […]

50 Halloween Desserts

Do you feel like Halloween is sneaking up on you quicker than you hope it had? I feel like it!! I want to keep thinking it’s September and then I’m reminded that we’re already 1/3 done with October. Pure Craziness, I tell ya! What better way to embrace Halloween than putting out some pumpkins and […]

50 Halloween Treats

In case you are looking for some last-minute Halloween Treats for your upcoming parties, I thought I’d do a fun round-up of my favorite 50 Halloween Treats from the web. I’m telling you friends – there are some amazing creations in Blog Land!! Be sure to bookmark and PIN this for next year in case […]