De-Cluttering your Closet

One of my main goals for the new year is to live more simply – in everything I do! I want to declutter all my closet spaces, junk drawers, my phone (sooo many apps and pictures that just sit there taking up space), and even my schedule. There’s just no room for clutter in a […]

Home Organization Ideas

I LOVE getting organized!! If I had my way I’d pick one thing to organize every day, because it really makes me super happy! At the beginning of each year, I especially love to get things back in order after a very busy and crazy holiday season. Fortunately, my husband had caught the organizing bug […]

FREE 2016 Printable Calendar

Can you believe 2016 is just days away?! I’m having a hard time believing it since this year FLEW by! I’m sure you feel the same way. When Christmas is over each year it seems that the next Christmas is so, so, so far away but before you know it’s already the holidays again. CRAZINESS!! […]

25+ Cleaning Tips

Are you in the middle of deep cleaning? I am! Usually, at the beginning of each year I get in this mode and try to tackle the whole house. I just feel like if everything is organized and clean then I’m much happier and less stressed. I’ve been picking one room or part of the […]

15+ Craft Room Organization Ideas

As mentioned before, I’m in the process of deep cleaning and one of the rooms I’ve been working on {for FOREVER!!!} is my craft room. One day I’ll have it nice, but in the meantime, I love checking out all the amazing Craft Room Organization ideas out in Blog Land. Here are some of my […]

Lunch Organization Chart

I don’t know about you but Back to School time means Back to making LUNCHES! I don’t have little ones in school just yet, BUT I have a hubby who LOVES it when I make his lunches. I know a lot of mom’s don’t make their kids’ lunches, but I know there are some that do. I […]