White Chocolate Rice Krispies Treats

Hi, it’s me Lily, again. Guess where I am right now? ARIZONA!! I’m having a great time right now. I’m at my grandma and grandpa Ritchey’s right now. I actually just came from the doctor. I’ve been sick for 6 days!! I had to get an x-ray. My papa who is my doctor in Arizona […]

Fourth of July Rice Krispies Treats

We recently got together with some friends and I wanted to bring a last-minute treat to share with everyone. The treat I always think of when I have little time is Rice Krispies Treats, because A) I always have the ingredients on hand and B) They are easy and yummy!! To change things up I […]

Rice Krispies Swirly Peppermint Roll-Ups

  Rice Krispies Swirly Peppermint Roll-Ups We could not be more excited to share our final Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Challenge with you guys after what has been such a fun and creative year! For this last challenge we wanted once again to focus on the kids! During this time of year we all get to reclaim the […]