Car Seat Cover Tutorial

Learn how to make a car seat cover with this easy Car Seat Tutorial! { }

So many people these days have these awesome car seat covers and my SIL, Kristi, is showing an easy way to make this cover without spending a lot of money.

What’s so great about all of this is not only will you learn how to make a SUPER DUPER CUTE cover, but you will be able to WASH the cover whenever you want so you don’t have to deal with a Nasty Food Covered Car Seat!

Woo hoo!

Car Seat Cover Tutorial: 

(This is a reversible forward/backward facing seat. However the steps will work for any seat. Note most infant seats have darts and this tutorial does not cover how to do those.) Fabric Requirements: ½ yard for the middle pieces ½ yard for the sides 3 yds coordinating bias tape Coordinating heavy duty thread


Prewash Fabric and current car seat cover. Iron.

1.Begin by taking a picture of the back of your own car seat. This will be helpful when sewing the pieces of your seat back together.

2.Before taking your car seat apart you need to mark where each piece belongs as well as the direction of the nape of the fabric. This car seat has 11 pieces.

3. Once all your pieces have been properly marked, then grab your seam ripper and begin undoing the seams. (This took me about an hour.)

There will be a binding around the perimeter. Start with that.

It will be helpful to write down or take pictures of the order you took your pieces off. As well as how wide your seam allowances are.

If you cover has elastic, hooks or extra features do not remove them unless they are on a seam.


The elastic pieces at the top of the seat were in good condition and so I left them on.
I also had plastic side hooks. These needed to be removed because they were right on a seam.

Here is the order that my pieces came off

1.I unpicked the side seams from the center pieces

2. Now I unpicked the center pieces.

3. Unpick the side pieces

4. These next pieces had piping along one of the edges. Mark or Write which edge the piping goes along before taking it off.

5. Once all of your pieces are separate you are ready to cut your new fabric.

Lay your new fabric with the right side down. Lay your pattern pieces with the right side down. Make sure that the nape of the faric is going the proper way. Refer to the arrows you drew on the back of your pieces.

Example) You are using striped fabric. If you just cut out the pieces randomly then you will end up with horizontal, diagonal & vertical stripes. It is important to make sure the direction of your print/nape are going all the same direction.

Pin and Cut. Since I don’t have a serger I like to use pinking shears to cut my fabric as it helps prevent fraying.

6. Baste the fabric to the original cover. Or use a serger.

7. For the piping: I did not remove the current fabric covering, but you can remove it if you’d like. I used the same pink bias tape that I will use to recover the perimeter.

8. Make button holes: Refer to your sewing machines manual. There were 9 holes on this cover.

I do my button holes by “hand”. Here are the steps:

1.Adjust stitch width to 4 and length to 0

Make 4-5 stitches at the top of the hole.

2.Adjust stitch width to 2-3 and length to ½ Sew

down the right side of the button hole.

3. At the end of the side lift foot (not Needle)

turn fabric 180 degrees. Sew top stitch over

the stitching you just made.

4.Once back at the top sew down the left side of the button hole.

5.At the bottom Repeat step #1

6.Then readjust stitches again (Step #2) and repeat sew top stitch.

Use your seam picker to open your new hole.

8.Now it’s time to sew your pieces back together. Refer to your notes/pictures.

Helpful hints when reassembling your pieces:

-Use Heavy Duty Thread.

-Use a straight stitch. I sewed mine with the back of the fabric facing up so that I could follow the original stitch lines.

-Refer to the notes/pictures you took for the order.

-Once you sew a side check for any holes in the seam. Correct where applicable. (I had a lot of corrections to make when I sewed the piping pieces together)

-Once all the pieces are sewn back together put it in the car seat to make sure that it fits properly. Adjust where necessary.

-Be aware of any hooks that were left on.

9.Now finish it off with the bias tape binding.

Here is how I like to do my binding otherwise I always have to go back and fix holes and it doesn’t look as nice.

1.Open the bias tape match the center of the tape to the edge of the pattern. Sew all the way around. Make sure that the tape stays on the edge.

2.Turn piece over and fold tape over the top.

Now sew the top piece.

10.Reattach any hooks that had to be removed.

11.Unpick any basting stitches that are visible.

Car seat cover tutorial on { }

And you are done!!

Thank you so much, Kristi, for this awesome tutorial!!

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About Lil' Luna

Kristyn is passionate about sharing ALL things creative! From recipes and tips to crafts and DIY projects, Kristyn loves to share with her readers how to be creative and how to do things simply. When not creating, she is busy going on adventures with her 5 children (ages 7 to 6 months) and with her best friend/husband, Lorin.

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  1. 1

    i shared this on my blog :)

  2. 2

    This void the warranty and guarantee of safety on any seat, and is very unsafe.

    • 3

      Thank you! I can’t believe this is being shared on Pinterest. This is HIGHLY unsafe and, like you said, voids your car seat’s warranty. Put your child’s safety before your vanity, guys!

    • 4

      There is always a troll out there…
      Thanks for being sooooo CONCERNING about our kids safety… What is unsafe about changing the carseat cover???? It’s not like the cover is what keeps the child safe! So it voids the warranty… very well…. I promise I will not sue them in the event of an accident. Honestly- people are so stupid sometimes…
      If the actual SAFETY FUNCTIONS of the seat had been affected then I’d be concerned… but all she did was sew a new cover together….
      Plus- shame on you for suggesting that VANITY is the reason… Do you know what it costs to buy a new car seat these days??? Do you really think it’s fair to have to spend $50-$120 or MORE on a new car seat when all you want is a cover that isn’t dirty, tattered, torn or beaten to crap???
      Seriously…. I am relieved we’re not friends.

      Thanks LilLuna- the directions are awesome and I am excited to make a new one!!!

      • 5

        You can get a new cover from the manufacturer if you’re concerned about the cleanliness or genera specificity of your car seat cover. They *usually* run about $20-$40. Those covers are tested for safety, they’re flame retardant, and are made to be used with the specific seat you have. Making an aftermarket cover not only voids the warranty (which would only cover manufacturer defects), but it also means that if the seat fails, resulting in injury or death, you may not be able to force the manufacturer to recall it.

  3. 7

    Ya this may void the warranty but adding rings or carseat toys to ur car seat also voids the warranty. As well as using a snuggler in an infant seat. U can safely make this for ur childs carseat .

  4. 8

    Thanks for sharing this!! I have a carseat that my 5 year old out grew and now my son is needing one only i dont have th emoney to go out and buy a new one!! so this post helps me out tremendously…. since hers was for a girl and is all flowery, im going to change it out to fit my sons style more… its going to be Mossy Oak and Hunters Orange when im done!! Cant tell you how excited i am!! So thanks again!! Regardless off the others complaints!! This is a ver helpful tip and i will be sharing it on my FB page!!

  5. 9
    Lupita Hernandez :

    Hi..i love it…I’m a beginner at sewing and would like to know what needle size should i use for this…thanks!!!!

  6. 10

    Remarkable! Its genuinely amazing post, I have got much clear
    idea regarding from this piece of writing.
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  7. 11

    Este articulo es muy instructivo y cuando lo haga les boy a decir como me quedo. Gracias

  8. 12

    Thank you Kristi and Kristyn!!!!!

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