BOO and JOY Sign

We made over 50 of these BOO and JOY signs at the last Lil’ Luna craft night!

It was great!We may have been up to our eyeballs in glitter, but we had the best time crafting, chatting, and snacking.Thank you to all of those who came!

Now, if you would like to learn how to make this awesome 2 HOLIDAY SIGN, here is what you’ll need:


-Wire (for hanging)
-Staple Gun
-Mod Podge
-Scrapbook Paper
-Glitter or Glitter Paper
-Measuring Tape


1. Begin by painting your board. Let dry. (Distress later if desired).

2. Cut scrapbook paper to the size of your masonite. (Should be approx. 8.75 in. x 5 7/8 in. ) Also cut your ribbon. AT least 10 inches for each piece. Measure center of masonite and tape on ribbon. Mod podge your paper OVER the ribbon and onto your blocks. Let dry.


3. Trace Stencil BOO & JOY onto chipboard, and cut out. Mod Podge chipboard and apply glitter. Let dry.
(You can also choose to stencil and trace your letters onto Glitter Scrapbook Paper if you don’t want to mess with glitter or do not have any).

4. Using paper cutter, cut out strips of scrapbook paper. You will need two strips of the same paper for each flower. I cut one 3 inch flower (2 – 1.5 wide strips) and one 2 inch flower (2 – 1 inch wide strips) per LETTER BLOCK. ( A total of 12 flowers for EACH SIGN). You can do the same or less.

5. Also cut Hot Glue two strips together, and fold strips back and forth til the end. Hot glue ends together as well as other ends so it creates a circle. Invert center in, and place a drop of hot glue. Let dry, and so the same on the back. Apply a button to the center for an embellishment if desired.

6. Hot glue glitter letters to squares. Add flowers by hot gluing where desired.

7. Hammer nails into board one in the center, and the others 8.25 inches to each side of the middle one.

8. Hang squares, and VOILA!! JOY & BOO Signs for so much cheaper than anywhere you could buy. :)


Lil' Luna

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