Family Home Evening Board

So, I originally made these a few years ago and every now and then get orders to make them for customers. People have asked how to do them and where to get the supplies, so I thought I would do a tutorial for them.

They are very easy, and if you have a vinyl machine, even easier.

Here is what you’ll need…


-Magnet Strip
-Wood Circles/Plant Gems


1. Cut wood so that it is about 7 in. x 24 in. long. Home Depot or Lowe’s will cut it for you if you ask them.

2. Paint Board. Let dry.

3. Add vinyl to board.
{If you need vinyl, I will be adding it to my ETSY SHOP later TODAY}

4. Add magnet strip to board by screwing in on sides.
{Magnet strip can be found at IKEA for .99. It’s only available in BLACK, but if you want it brown or another color, all you need to do is spray it with an enamel, let dry and add polyurethane to it so it doesn’t chip.}

5. Make NAME Magnets for board either by painting wood circles and adding vinyl names on top with a magnet behind or you can even make picture magnets with plant gems. Just cut a circle around the face you want in the magnet, and mod podge to the back of the gem and add a magnet. I tend to like the wood circles better just because I can get lazy and don’t want to update the pictures, but that’s just me! Haha.

6. Add ribbon or tulle to the back to hang.


Now you have a SUPER CUTE and FUN
Family Home Evening Board!!


Lil' Luna

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