Kid Art Hanger

Kid Art Hanger to hold all of their "masterpieces" { }


My daughter, Lily, LOVES to color.
I thought it was pretty funny that she started calling her coloring papers “masterpieces.”
I thought, “How in the world does she know that word?!”

Well, come to find out, there is an episode of Clifford, where the neighbor, Mr. Bleakman, wants to paint his “masterpieces” but he has to watch Clifford for the day. Any how, my daughter now thinks that anything she draws, paints, or colors is her “Masterpieces”, and she wants to display each one proudly on the fridge. Unfortunately, we just don’t have room for them all. With that in mind, I knew I wanted to make her something to put them on, but didn’t know just what.

I was finally inspired while I was at Goodwill a few weeks back, I saw something that would work perfectly for her papers, and decided to turn it into something to help display her beautiful “masterpieces.”


-2 in. x 24 in. piece of wood.
-Another piece of wood for “My Masterpieces”
-Scrapbook Paper-Paint & Sponge Brush
-Metal Clips
-Mod Podge
-Ribbon/Ric Rac
-Enamel Spray Paint
-Vinyl (if you want to use it)


1. Take off any excess pieces from your board. In this case, the metal clips were already on. Sand if needed. Boards like this are all over the place at Goodwill. This one was only a buck on Half Off Saturday – woo hoo!

2. Paint the sides and the front edges the color you want it to be. Spray paint the metal clips the color you want them to be (let dry for an hour or so).

3. After the wood dries, measure the face of the board and cut out coordinating scrapbook paper.

4. Mod podge the scrapbook paper onto both boards.

5. Make marks on your boards where you want the eyelets to hand from on the boards. Add the eyelets to the bottom of the “Masterpiece” board and to the top of the hanger board.

6. Tie ribbon (and/or ric rac) from the masterpiece eyelets to the hanger board eyelets. You could also just do hooks and eyelets if you don’t want ribbon.

7. Hot glue the metal clips to the board. And add any embellishments you would like. In this case, I made some paper flowers and added pearl buttons to the centers to match Lily’s room.

8. For the “Masterpiece” board, I cut VINYL that says
“My Masterpieces.” Other ways of doing this include printing that out onto your scrapbook paper and then mod podging on, or even stenciling “My Masterpieces” to the board. Add hanging teeth to the back if needed.
**Note: a Cute Frame would also work… Just paint, and print out “My Masterpieces” on scrapbook paper and cut to fit inside the frame**


Kid Art Hanger to hold all of their "masterpieces" { }

It was really fun and easy to make and cost about $3 TOTAL to make.
Could it get any better?

I think not.


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