How to Make Flower Clips


Some of my friends have recently asked that I show how to make Flower Clips for little girls. I know they are so stinkin’ popular and have been for a few years, but in case you don’t know how to make them, here is what you need.


-3/8 in. grosgrain ribbon
-Alligator Clips (you can get them online HERE or at Joann’s or Sally’s Beauty Supply)
-Silk Flowers
-Buttons/Jewels/Fabric Covered Buttons
-Hot Glue


1. Begin by cutting the ribbon about 3.75 inches long. Using hot glue, adhere the ribbon to the alligator clip by starting underneath the top of the clip and going over and a little bit under. It’s easiest to do all of these at once in an assemble line.

2. Prep the flowers by taking them apart and throwing away the middle part. Hot glue all the petal layers together.

DIY Flower Clips

3. If you are doing fabric flowers, cut 3-4 circles -(1 or 2) 3.5 inch circles, (1) 3 inch circle, and (1) 2 inch circle. If you are making several and want to fray these very easily, put them in a pillow case, tie a knot, and throw it into the washer & dryer. You may have to iron them afterward, but if you are making several it’s worth your time and won’t kill your fingers. :) Once these are dry and ironed, hot glue the layers together (in the middle), largest to smallest. Fray the edges even more by teasing them with your fingers.

4. Add a button or jewel to the center. I am IN LOVE with Fabric Covered Buttons (kits found at Joann’s or Hobby Lobby) right now so that’s what I add to the middle of my fabric flowers.

5. Now that your flower is ready, add hot glue to the top of the alligator clip and stick the flower to it.

That’s it – super cute and easy flowers for your little girls. :)

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  1. 1

    I love those fabric flowers, I will definitely have to try those soon.Righ after I read your tutorial I saw this tutorial for making your own fabric covered buttons without the kits or a button for that matter. flowers and her buttons, what an awesome combo!

  2. 2

    You know you have found an amazing craft blog when every single tutorial that is created is fabulous…and your blog is one of them!!These flowers are darling.

  3. 3

    I love these and want to wear them even though I'm not a little girl :)

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