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I love TARGET! Don’t you?! I find so much inspiration there and am a HUGE fan of their holiday sections. I’m always anxiously awaiting the take down of the past holiday, so I can see all the new Holiday decor and goodies for the next one. :)

A few weeks ago, I saw that they put up all their Valentines Party Favors. I saw a bag of bubbles for a few dollars and thought they would be super cute to hand out instead of candy this year. I decided to make a printable to go with it and also used my new Double-Sided Adhesive from Silhouette to jazz them up a bit. Here is how they turned out:

You BLOW Me Away, Valentine! Just add bubbles! Cute idea and free prints on { } #valentines

My daughter LOVES them!!! She is so excited to pass these out at preschool on Valentine’s. I was super stoked about that so I wouldn’t be stuck buying candy and more valentines. :)

Here is how you can make them too:


– You Blow Me Away Valentines Prints (available for download below)

– Bubbles (Found in the Valentines section at Target)

– Paper Cutter/Scissors

– Glue Dots

Silhouette Double-Sided Adhesive (with glitter)


Valentine - You Blow Me Away Blue
Valentine - You Blow Me Away Pink
Valentine - You Blow Me Away Red

{Use these three if you would like to add embellishments to the bottom or add the double-sided adhesive}

Valentine - You Blow Me Away Blue-2

Valentine - You Blow Me Away Pink-2

Valentine - You Blow Me Away Red-2

{Use these three prints if you do not have a Silhouette and just want to add the bubbles}

Valentines - You BLOW me Away Prints -1


1. Download, print and cut out the prints you want to use. To do that click on the image you want above, and then right-click and save. You can open it up in a program like Word and re-size it to the size you need. I made mine 5 inches x 5 inches.

Valentines - You BLOW me Away Prints -3

2. Next I cut out Hearts using my Silhouette and the new Double-Sided Adhesive. I placed those at the bottom of my valentine.Valentines - You BLOW me Away Prints -43. Then, I added glitter and shook off the excess.

Valentines - You BLOW me Away Prints -2

4. From there I added a line of Glue Dot on the left side of the prints and added the bubbles.


Super cute and super easy valentines that require no CANDY at all. Perfect!!

BUBBLE Valentines. Cute idea and free prints on { } #valentines

You Blow Me Away, Valentine. Free prints on { } #valentines

This Double-Sided Adhesive is SO fun!! It’s definitely one of my favorite Silhouette products they’ve come out with because I love the fact that you can add glitter and other fun embellishments to your crafts. I think my daughter agrees, because as I finished making these the other day, she replied ” Mom, the glitter adds the perfect touch!” LOL! Love my little glitter girl!

I wanted to make sure you knew how you could get the Double-Sided Adhesive too! This month Silhouette is having a great Promo now through February 14th.


If you already have a cutter, you can get the double-sided adhesive starter kit for just $12.99 by going HERE.

And if you want to get the whole bundle, (the Portrait and the adhesive kit) you can get it for $179.9 by going HERE.

At check out be sure to use:


Be sure to get your goodies before Valentine’s to get these smokin’ deals.


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  1. 1

    Love it!! Who doesn’t love bubbles? I love Target too! I went yesterday for one thing only, I told myself I wasn’t going to get anything other than what I was there for (tight budget)….if only I wouldn’t have walked by one of their clearance end caps. But, I did find these metal bins that will work perfectly in my office,,,yay!

    • 2

      Target has the ability to just suck you in. I have a hard time going there with only one thing in mind cuz I end up wanting everything, lol! 😀

  2. 3

    Thank you so much for posting your printables! I found these bubble wands in January and knew that I wanted to use them as a part of my daughter’s Valentine’s cards for her pre-school class. She is going to love them! :) I’m planning on putting it all together this weekend. Thanks, again! :)

  3. 4

    I love these….I bought 4 bags of the bubbles to use for class valentiines for my 3 kids. I love the prinmtable you came up with. I didn;t see an area to click on to download the print though. Hoping to start making them tomorrow with mu kids. Thanks!


  4. 5

    I am trying to download the printable but am not seeing the link ANYWHERE. Can you help? Thank you!

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