Tried and True Makeup Hacks

10 Tried & True Makeup Hacks that every girl should know. You'll wish you knew these, like.. Yesterday. See it on { }!

Hey Lil’ Luna readers! So… I want you to know beforehand that some serious research went into this post I’m sharing with you today. I’m talkin’ thorough and extensive research. I’ve been wanting to do a makeup hacks post, but I’m always a little skeptical about all the “hacks” I see on Pinterest. Some of them just seem too good to be true, ya know?

So I searched high and low for the best hacks and tips that were realistic but also life changing (because we don’t settle for anything less, am i right?), and then I put them to the test. So now I bring you: 10 Makeup Hacks (THAT WILL TOTALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE, or at least the way you do your makeup. Take your pick). Seriously, some of these I wish I would have known like, forever ago.

Tried & True Makeup Hacks - help your brows stay in place by spraying an unused mascara wand with hairspray and brushing across your eyebrow! { }

1. Keep Eyebrows In Place. This one I learned from one of my faves, Lucy Hale, the reigning queen of perfect eyebrows. After you fill in your eyebrows, help keep the hairs in place by spraying some hairspray on a spoolie (tbh didn’t know one of those twisty eyebrow brush things was called a spoolie until now… and you probably didn’t either, so you’re welcome!), or on an old mascara brush that’s been washed off, and then brush through your brows.

Tried and True Makeup Hacks - perfect your cupids bow by making an X before applying the rest of your lipstick! { }

2. Perfect Cupid’s Bow. Sometime’s it’s tricky to apply lipstick to your cupid’s bow, but you can make it ten times easier get a perfect cupid’s bow by drawing on an X first thing. (Please excuse my crooked smile that makes it look like my lipstick is lopsided haha).

Tried and True Makeup Hacks - blot off excess oil on your face using coffee filters! { }

3. Blot Away Excess Oil. I don’t know if any of you use that cosmetic rice paper that they sell at makeup stores to get rid of oil on your face, but did you know there’re WAY cheaper options? You can actually use a clean paper toilet seat cover to blot away oil on your face!! I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t used one before when I realized I had an oily forehead while looking at the mirror in a restaurant bathroom… But if the thought of toilet seat covers on your face freak you out, don’t worry there are other options! Coffee filters also have the same effect as rice paper! Keep a couple of those in your purse in case of emergency!

Tried and True Makeup Hacks - let your mascara tube sit in a cup of warm water to help it be more liquidy and less clumpy! { }

4. Liquify Your Clumpy Mascara. When you’re down to the bottom of your mascara and it starts getting clumpy, soak it in a cup of warm/hot water to heat it up and make it more liquidy.

Tried and True Makeup Hacks - cover dark eyes by creating a triangle shape instead of a circular shape underneath the eye! { }

5. Hide Dark Eye Circles. So apparently there’s a right and a wrong way to use concealer underneath your eyes. It would make sense to put it on in a semi-circle kind of way where the actual eye baggage is, but this is a no go. The right way is to make a triangle underneath your eye because it blends down to your cheek and lifts your face somehow. Once I blended in the concealer, me and Claire were legitimately surprised at how noticeable the difference was. You can tell in the picture that the circular concealer doesn’t hide the eye bags as well.

Tried and True Makeup Hacks - exfoliate your lips before putting on lipstick by putting on chapstick or lip balm and then brushing away dead skin with a toothbrush! { }

6. Exfoliate Your Lips. Sugar scrubs and lip exfoliating scrubs are magical, but they can be pricey or take time to DIY. If you’re in a hurry to get dead skin off your lips before putting on your lipstick, you can just put on chap stick or lip balm and then use a toothbrush to scrub away all that deadness. Works like a charm!

Tried and True Makeup Hacks - fix cracked powder makeup by mixing in rubbing alcohol and then let it set! { }

7. Fix Broken Powder Makeup. We’ve all been there. Your powder foundation/blush/eye shadow breaks into pieces and you don’t want to keep it in your makeup bag cause it makes such a mess, but there’s enough left that you don’t want to throw it away. Well here’s a solution for you: drop in a little bit of rubbing alcohol and mix it with the broken powder. We used a toothpick to blend it but there’s probably another tool you could used to mix it so it sets flatter and isn’t as clumpy looking. We just figured it was gonna be rubbed with a brush so it probably didn’t matter too much what it looked like haha.

Tried and True Makeup Hacks - removing those accidental mascara marks with a Q-tip!

8. Get Rid of Mascara Mistakes. Again, we ALL know all about this. You’re being so careful putting on your mascara, and somehow your mascara brush finds its way onto your eyelid leaving a nice black mark on the eye shadow you spent so much time perfecting. DO NOT PANIC. And whatever you do… Do. Not. Lick your finger and rub it off. Let it dry! After it’s dried, you can take a Q-tip and, I kid you not, with one little swipe the mascara just flakes right off without disturbing the rest of your eye makeup. It’s honestly miraculous.

Tried and True Makeup Hacks - turn your regular pencil eye liner into a gel liner using heat! { }

9. Create Gel Liner from a Pencil. Sometimes pencil eye liner just doesn’t do the job. It doesn’t go on as smoothly and evenly as a liquid or a gel (I’ve been using gel for the past year and I swear I’ll never go back). Next time you’re putting on eyeliner but you feel like you’re using a literal colored pencil, try this trick! Use either a match or a lighter (a lighter is probably easier to handle but we didn’t have one laying around so we used matches instead), and slightly melt the tip of your pencil. It turns the eyeliner into a smoother gel-like formula!

Tried and True Makeup Hacks - use a spoon to shape your winged eyeliner! { }

10. Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner Using a Spoon. This was one makeup hack that I was reallyyyy skeptical about before we tried it. I’ve never even attempted winged eyeliner before, I’m not one to wear bold makeup, but after doing this, I kinda liked it! You start by using the handle of the spoon to create the straight bottom line of the wing, and then use the curve to create, well… obviously, the curve. Then of course, fill it in and extend the line over to the rest of your eyelid, and touch up here and there. But that’s the idea! Some additional tips when doing this: I used a liquid pencil to create this and it worked really well. If you are using a pencil, make sure it’s really sharp, especially when doing the straight line or it won’t look very crisp.

Well, there you have it! 10 Tried and True Makeup Hacks. I hope your life has been changed.

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