2018 Calendar

Crafts + DIY · Printables · January 9, 2018

FREE 2018 Calendar - download, print and use to keep organized with monthly events, meal planning, cleaning and all tasks to do each day, week and month!

Who here can believe that 2017 is already over?! I’m having a hard time thinking that the year flew by so quick, but I’m excited for a new year. With a new year comes new goals and resolutions that can hopefully help us to become our best selves. I’ve already set several personal, work and spiritual goals for myself and I’m excited to get working on them. To help with these efforts, we wanted to share this FREE 2018 calendar for you to download and use.

We love to use these calendars in many ways, but they’re great for jotting down the upcoming events. We also use them for meal calendars. And we also use them for a cleaning calendar as well as for a blogging calendar. We like to keep track of all of these tasks and these calendars definitely help with all of that.

Why Can Calendars Help so Much?

  • Let’s you see all your events at a quick glance
  • Makes it easier to schedule new events if you already know what’s going on
  • Knowing your schedule can you help you schedule in free time
  • Writing things down can help you remember more


2018 Calendar


I know this time of year is a great time to get organized, so I wanted to make sure we shared more organizational prints to help out:


Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Here’s to having a more organized 2018!! Not sure about you but I feel way less stressed when there is order in my life. That can be hard most times with 6 little kids around, so calendars can help. Heaven knows I need all the help I can get, so you better believe I’ll be using these calendars as much as I can all year long!! ENJOY!

For more prints, check out:
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    christopher kates

    Thank you so much for sharing all those free printable, it give us lot more ideas and at the same time free printable. Looking forward for more.Actually it would be really a great thing if you post scrapbook embellishment printables here. Almost all of the freebies here were really awesome.

    Printable Calendar

    Hey Kristyn
    Thank you for cute printable calendars 🙂

    Printable Calendar

    Thanks for great calendars

    Wiki Calendar

    Hi Kristyn!
    Thank you for your nice and beautiful calenders. I love them all and can’t decide, which one I will take. I guess there will be one for every room in my flat!

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