60+ Halloween Party Ideas

I’m still debating whether or not to throw a Halloween Party this year. We did them when we were first married, when life was a little bit easier with no kids. BUT, if you’ve been to one you know just how fun a Halloween Party can be – whether it be a family, couples or singles party, they’re usually a blast.

I wanted to make sure you had all the details on how to have the best party ever in case you decided to throw a get together this Halloween season. From food to decor to games to party favors, I’m sharing all of my favorite halloween

I can usually convince Gav and Lily to have a combined birthday party in early-mid October with the theme of Halloween, but that was  a NO GO this year. Their response, “But, we do that everrrrry year!” My response, “I know, and isn’t it SO much fun?!”

Needles to say, it didn’t happen, but I’m kind of okay with that now. With no Halloween Birthday party for the kiddos I still have a small urge to do a Halloween activity, so we’ll see if that happens…

In case you are putting together a Halloween Party, I’ve rounded up some great ideas for you! There are 60+ Halloween Party Ideas, including party decor, fun party foods, party favors and even Halloween games. 😀





Seeing all of these ideas makes you want to throw a Halloween party, huh?

It sure makes me want to!!

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