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Motherhood · Party · June 22, 2012

I had a recipe scheduled to go up today and then thought to myself I wanted to do a “Bleh” post.

You know what that is, right??

It’s one of those, I just want to write to write kind of posts. It all started when a friend left a message on FB saying “I want to be like you when I grow up.” She said it jokingly and only because I had posted some fun Kid Craft ideas recently that were helping her entertain the kiddos this summer. I immediately commented back and said, “Haha. No you don’t – I’m crazy!!” And the truth is – I am!! I mean, I’m not literally crazy (I think), but I’m a busy lady! I rarely just sit to sit and I can often be found running around like a mad woman trying to get my house straightened up or attempting to get a last-minute sponsored post written. And you’re probably thinking, “Then stop blogging,” but I LOVE it way too much and am still so passionate about sharing my ideas with others, that it’s really not an option. But, I will tell you this – I have scheduled a month long series for July with several of my favorite blogging buddies sharing some awesome tuts for all of you. I wanted to do this series so I could get some summer projects done, go on vacation, re-organize my blog and have some summer family fun.

I hope you guys don’t think I’m trying to complain cuz I’m not. Although I may be SUPER busy, it’s by choice. I do it because I love it, and I do it because the money I have made blogging has been essential now that student loans are due. In fact, I truly feel that this blog has been a HUGE blessing for our family so that we can pay all of our bills, put a little in savings, and have zero credit card debt. If it means I have to wake up at 5 each morning, and spend naptime and late at night to craft, email and respond to comments, I’m willing to do it!! Just know that I love the blog, and although it keeps me busy, I really consider it a huge blessing for our family.


With that said, I also wanted to talk about another huge blessing of mine – wonderful family and friends.

I turned 30 on the 9th, and my smokin’ hot, awesome, sweet and loving hubby, Lorin, planned a surprise party for me with the help of several blogging buddies (who are some of my closest and dearest friends) and my family. I just wanted to thank him and everyone else who made the night so stinkin’ fun!! You guys are the and I just love you! I felt so loved and special, and I appreciate all the work, time, and sacrifice that went into planning such a great party!

I just had to share some of the pictures…

An awesome Photo-Op, Tubular Decorations, Yummy Food, and My Little Ponies – Totally 80s!!

Lorin even arranged for an Antari and Nintendo for people to play. They also played “Name That Tune” – 80s style!

Los padres and my MIL on the right! My mom and MIL both crimped their hair – L.O.V.E them!

The best blogging buddies anyone could ask for!

TOP: Kristy (The Diary of Dave’s Wife), Me, Kelli (Lolly Jane) BOTTOM: Jamielyn (I Heart Naptime) and Katie (Sweet Rose Studio)

Let me pause here for a sec… I love these girls!! Lorin had been texting Kelli (under another name in his phone) for months to get this party planned. These friends (including Marni/Sassy Sites) did so much and I appreciate it.

These girls are flippin’ awesome, and you should be jealous that I get to hang out with them often cuz I LOVE them!!!

Notice anything funny about this pic?! First reader (who wasn’t at the party) who does gets a free pair of cabochon earrings from me!!! Just leave a comment below and tell me what is it!!!

Kelli (Lolly Jane) and I – Kristy (The Diary of Dave’s Wife) – Thank you girls for putting on such a FAB party!!

Jamielyn (I Heart Naptime) and I – sure love that girl!!! And The Miners totally striking a pose!!

My bestest buddies ever – Alina, my cousin and my BFF, Jessica!!!

The best sisters anyone could ask for. How flippin’ sweet are their outfits?! All of it bought at Forever 21 – #NEONisin!

Seriously – So 80s!! BAHAHAHA!

BEST COSTUME AWARD – Goes to my cousin, David, and his wife, Karen – Who doesn’t love Spandex & Leotards?!

And yes, my family is just that awesome!!

The band – they played several 80s covers and a few of their own! Thank you guys (and Sarah!!)

{PS – I love this band – Regular Heroes – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their music!!}

And Marni – sad you left before we did pics! πŸ™

Check out this smokin’ hot guy!! Seriously, I LOVE him so much!!! He is the best match for me in the world possible. He’s definitely not perfect (I am even further from it) but he’s COMPLETELY perfect for me!!!

I sure love you, Lo!!

You’re everything I never knew I always wanted!!!

Man, I am blessed!!!

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Stacy Goodsell

kelly i think (yellow shirt) is in the picture as well as the cropped in part.- clones πŸ™‚

looked like a great party!
Happy 30th, I turn 30 this year too.

Angela Greenwald

you and the girl in yellow are cropped in from a real photograph from the 80s.

Amy C

You were trying to make it look like Kelli and Kristi were both there? πŸ™‚


Kelli is in it twice! How funny! I am so sad I missed out. πŸ™

    Lolly Jane

    That’s not Kelli, Whit….. πŸ˜‰


      Really??? My bad! πŸ˜‰ Kelli you must have a twin! bwa ha! (I know it’s not Kristi, either, right?)

Lolly Jane

Bwah ah ha! I know what’s silly about that pic! LOL
Love ya Kristyn Merkley! Glad you had a BLAST of a par-tay! xo

Annamaria.Settanni McDonald

Happy Birthday! What an awesome party! I found your blog and I love it! Stop by anytime! I love your creativity. Look forward to seeing so much more

Warmest Regards,

Ashley C.

Looks like a blast of a party! So much fun! Congratulations on turning 30, it looks really good on you πŸ˜‰ Love this blog, it is a daily read for me!

    Ashley C.

    Whoops, I so did not mean to link to my blog on my comment. Sorry about that!

Dezi A

Happy Birthday! Looks like a super crazy, fun party!! You do have awesome family and friends!!


Bahaha! Love those 80’s poses! That is stinkin hilarious! You do have a rock star husband for sure! He was so cute to put that all together! And were totally twins… I go crazy if I’m NOT busy! LOL! πŸ˜‰ Love you girl!! XO


looks like fun! I turned 29 today, and to have a party like that for my 30th would be amazing!!!!!!

Alisson Evans

The photos are really amazing. It’s my pleasure to hear 80’s songs from your band.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

What a fun party idea!!! Looks like you guys had the best time! πŸ™‚ Have a great week girl!

Vanessa @Β {nifty thrifty things}

Oh my, this party looks like SO much fun!! Will ya’ll come visit me in December to celebrate my 30th birthday! πŸ˜€
Hugs! Vanessa


So sad I missed this! We were on our first family camp out and I was so bummed when I got the email and knew I couldn’t come! Hope you had an awesome day- it sure looks like you did!!! πŸ™‚

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