Christmas Countdown Cards

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

I am SUPER excited to be doing a guest post for Kristyn over here on her DAH-LING “Lil’ Luna” website! We were lucky enough to meet her at SNAP, a recent blogger’s conference and have LOVED getting to know her. I was already a fan and now that I know the creator is JUST as darling as her crafts, I love her site even more!

I am Tara, one of the *divas* blogging for the website, The Dating Divas.

I am married to my best friend, addicted to crafting & coming up with creative dates for my sweetie & me, AND I loooove blogging with some of my closest friends. Life is good! On The Dating Divas website, we are all about creative ideas that will help strengthen our relationships. My friends & I were determined NOT to become “boring old couples” who sat around and watched TV all day. We wanted to continue the honeymoon… so we decided to take turns coming up with SUPER creative, inexpensive, and fun date ideas that we could all try! Today I am going to share a fun “Spouse Christmas Countdown” with you that was a HUGE hit in our household! Not only did my husband love it, but our neighbors & friends kept commenting on how it was amazing Christmas decor! Ah… I see that I caught your attention!

Hold on a sec, before we get started, Kristyn asked that I answer a few questions for all of you. Here we go:

1 – What is your favorite holiday and why?

That is SO easy! CHRISTMAS!!! I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I love everything about it! I love the reason behind why we celebrate it, I love the smells, I love the decorations, I love an excuse to get {or in my case… make} presents for others, I love how people are thinking about others during this time, I love the lights, I love the food…. AHHHH! It’s such a magical time of year!

2 – What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?

One of the neatest things my family did every Christmas Eve was gather around the Christmas tree and we would either act out the Christmas Story or my dad would read it to us out of the Bible. Afterwards, each child {there were six of us} would get to open a small present from my parents. These weren’t just ANY presents! Oh no, they were ornaments that represented an accomplishment that you had achieved that year. My parents would search high & low to find JUST the right ones. In fact, my mom actually found a few ornament companies that specialized in creating original ornaments – those were some of my favorites! My senior year in high school, I was involved in a LOT at school. I was on Student Council, I was a Pep Club Officer, I was also on the Honor Roll, and pretty much helping to plan a lot of the events at school… oh, and I was dating a TON as well! {lol} My ornament that year was DIVINE! It was a cute little bear standing in front of a podium with a mike on it. There was something to represent each activity I was into that year! The bear had a megaphone {Pep Club}, a straight “A” Report Card {Honor Roll}, a journal with a list of boy’s name… with a few crossed off {dating a lot}, and a cap on her head {graduating}. The podium & mike represented being on Student Council. I just LOVED it! After all the kids opened our ornaments, we would place them on the tree and sing a few Christmas songs. You can imagine what that tree looked like after a few years! My mom eventually started doing a “pretty tree” upstairs and our “creative tree” with all the ornaments on it downstairs. It’s a tradition my husband and I hope to continue with our own children.

3 – What is your all-time favorite Christmas Movie?

Gosh, that question is WAY too hard! My husband’s would be, The Christmas Story, hands down! Me on the other hand, although that movie completely cracks me up… I would have to say I LOVED all of the classic Christmas animated movies: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, etc. I also LOVE the movie, Elf!

4 – What has been the best present you’ve ever received and why?

I am more of a sentimental person. I would rather receive a hand-written love note from my sweetheart than a diamond necklace. I know, I know, call me crazy! It’s the things that you can’t touch that mean the most to me. If we are just talking about presents in general, then I honestly can’t pick one. I would have to say it was the last homemade card my sweetheart gave me. I still have it in our Master bathroom where I can see it when I get ready in the mornings. {Wink!} Perfect way to kick off the day!

5 – Why do you blog?

Because I am VERY passionate about strengthening marriages and I absolutely LOVE coming up with ideas to do JUST that! How’s that in a nutshell?!

Now that you know a little about ME… let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

OK…”observation time” – I feel that when the Christmas season hits, we usually tend to focus more on the kids, don’t you agree?? Of course, the wonder and joy on their faces when they experience a FABULOUS Christmas definitely HELPS. {lol}If you want to make sure your spouse knows how much you adore him/her during THIS holiday season and doesn’t feel neglected, oh boy, have I got an idea for you! Cuz ya know, Christmas isn’t JUST for the little ones! ☺

A few years ago, I decided I wanted my husband to have something FUN to look forward to when December hit, so I created the FIRST set of “Jamie’s Christmas Countdown”. Twenty-five days of L.O.V.E. just for him! I am going to show you my original Countdown… and if you are SUPER busy… {Who isn’t, right?!?} then there is a “quick” version below that you can instantly download! 🙂

Christmas Countdown Cards from The Dating Divas!! Great idea for that special someone!!

I grabbed a spool of beautiful cherry red ribbon, 25 clothespins, and some removable clips that you can put on your walls without ruining them. They are pretty cheap and you can purchase them anywhere – I got mine at Walmart. I then sat down, numbered a piece of paper from 1-25 to represent the 25 days in December leading up to Christmas and went to town planning my countdown! I put stars next to the nights that were Fridays & Saturdays since those were the nights that I KNEW we would have time to either do a date night or stay up late. Next to each number I wrote one of three things:

  • A Compliment – something I LOVED about him {this made up 2/3 of the countdown}
  • A Service something I was going to do for him {this was HALF of the last ⅓ of the countdown}
  • A FUN Christmas Activity – something we could go and do together – having to do with the season {this made up the remaining HALF of the last ⅓ of the countdown}

I made sure that they were ALL mixed up. BTW – don’t try to book every last weekend as things will come up, so make sure your schedule is flexible! Also – HE might secretly be planning fun things for you, so make sure to keep some of your weekend nights open. I would let him know in advance what particular nights you have “set” plans. Just mark put a heart on those days on your family calendar & tell him that those are nights he should keep open.

I typed up all of my different cards & scrapbooked each one. I went overboard that year and decided to do them ALL different themes/colors/sizes. Yep, I was crazy… in love! haha….I know, I know….cheesy….

Here are a few of the “Compliment” cards:

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

Make sure you take this opportunity to point out to your spouse ALL of the wonderful things that you love about him/her! You can NEVER compliment a person too much!! Let them know how much you adore the funny quirks that only YOU know about! 🙂 Feel free to throw some of your inside jokes on the cards! I definitely threw in my share! I had so much fun reflecting on our years together and jotting down the things I loved about him.

NEXT – the “Service” cards!

Here’s an example of one of mine:

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

One night he came home to a trail of rose petals leading to our Master Bathtub where a candlelit bubble bath waited. {Wink} …thus the term “bubbly”….

Think about things your spouse would REALLY enjoy and then use those as your “service” cards! For example, my husband LOVES back scratches and I give super “wimpy” ones… or so he says. 🙂 In my defense, uhhhhh… ok, so I AM a wimp! {lol} Anyway, I promised to give him an AMAZING backrub! I also don’t love to cook, so I made the ultimate sacrifice and told him I would create ANY dessert he wanted. {That was a HUGE sacrifice on my part… and do you know what he “ordered”?? Apple pie! You better believe I made it from scratch! Longest five hours of my life. J/K…maybe it only took me three?!?}

You get my point, right? Remember that December is going to be a CRAZY busy month for you… so don’t promise anything you can’t deliver on! 🙂 LAST but not least are the actual FUN Christmas activities that you will do together. I chose to keep them all a secret and use the cards as “teasers”.

Here are a few of mine:

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

Some other activities I planned for us were a Christmas “Movie-a-thon” & watching all of our FAVs while eating our favorite Christmas treats, checking out the lights at Temple Square {this was when we lived in Utah}, planning a night under the stars {we camped out by the Christmas Tree on a blow-up mattress}, going to the Festival of Trees with his family, etc. They don’t ALL have to be Christmas-related! We had an entire night of Wii games. There are SO many fun Christmas things you can do together! This is where you can also involve the whole family! Have a “make a gingerbread house” night or decorate Christmas cookies or go caroling to your neighbors. Just make sure they are all activities that he {or she} would enjoy! THEN – you, of course, need to end the Countdown with a LOVE note!!

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

Now – if you are thinking… TARA!! Are you crazy?!? When am I going to find time to scrapbook 25 cards?? No worries! I found a pre-made cute Christmas notecard that you can download to use for YOUR cards. Just So Scrappy has super cute digiscrapbooking kits. She created a FREE {ooooohhhh…and we LOVE free….} download that would be perfect for this countdown idea! Just right-click on the image below & drop it into a Word Doc to resize it to be ANY size you would like! I would suggest printing these on white cardstock, as they are in color. Cut them out and if you would like to make them “pop,” adhere them to Christmas-colored paper.

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

I also typed up the numbers #1-25 in my FAVORITE font… that you can download & cut apart. THEN – instead of putting your cards in an envelope, just flip them over and adhere the numbers on the back. Click HERE for that free printable. Voila! You are done!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to jot the actual “script” on each card! 🙂

I then put up the removeable hooks in our entryway, strung the festive ribbon along it, and clothespinned the cards up. It looked FAB-U-LOUS!!

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

I made sure to put it up the last day of November before he got home from work. He was extremely surprised to come home to this and was SO excited when I explained that he would get to read one each morning for the entire month of December!

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

If you still have children at home, you can involve them by letting them “help” Daddy read his card each morning. You could make this countdown something for the whole family but in my humble opinion… I think your spouse would be pretty touched if you did this JUST for him/her!!

Christmas Countdown Cards !! Great idea for that special someone!!

.…AND, this was one of our most “commented on” Christmas decor!! All of our friends and family LOVED not only the idea behind this but how festive it was and how it completely dressed up our entryway! 🙂 Have fun creating your OWN Christmas Countdown!

Now that you are ready to woo your man during the holiday season, you might be wondering what our website all about! 🙂 I told you a little above but in case you were curious, our website is what happens when a BUNCH of super crafty friends get together & come up with solutions for strengthening their marriages.

We blog about amazing & creative date ideas, fun gift ideas for our spouses, quick & easy romance ideas, CRAFTY tutorials, and MUCH, much more!! ANYTHING that would help enhance our already ROCKIN’ marriages!! We even decided to share tips on how to look good for our man AND ideas on how to keep things HOT in a certain room

…but you are gonna have to visit our website for THAT! {WINK!}

Stop on by The Dating Divas to get more ROMANCE tips so you can keep dating that amazing spouse of yours! We love spreading the word about our blog and we hope it will strengthen YOUR relationship as much as it has ours!!

Thanks again for letting me hang out with the “Lil’ Luna” crew today!


Thank You Tara! This is such a great idea!

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