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Holidays · Motherhood · December 2, 2012

Yesterday was December 1st. Don’t know what that means to you, but it was a deadline for my little family.

The hubby and I decided a few weeks back that we would try to get everything (Christmas-wise) done by Saturday, December 1st. We wanted the shopping done, the gifts made, the Christmas Cards sent out – you name it.

Did we meet that goal? Sadly, no…

Most the Christmas Shopping is done. Just have to order one more gift online.


Christmas Cards are purchased and on their way (even the addresses are collected).

Still have goodies to make and take to the neighbors but doing it this week.

The reason why we wanted to do this was because we wanted so badly to ENJOY the Christmas Season and not feel like we were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Do you feel this way? I just feel like it happens way too often and we somehow lose focus on the true reason for the season.

We were also hoping to have more opportunities to serve. We feel like it’s important to teach our kids while they are young the importance of serving and show them first-hand the joy that can come from it.

This past week for Family Night we took the kids down to the mall to pick out Christmas Angel Tags. The kids were so excited to use their own money to buy presents for the kids that didn’t have money. We did the shopping for the gifts yesterday, and I cannot even tell you how much joy it brought me to watch my kids buy these gifts with their quarters, dimes and pennies that they had been saving up all year.

You may be wondering where I’m going with this but to tell you the truth, I’m not really sure myself. I guess more than anything I just wanted you to know that I love this time of year and hope that we can take this opportunity to serve and bring the light of Christ in other’s lives. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and I hope we can enjoy it and not focus so much on the unimportant things (like posting every day!! LOL!) I must warn that I may be a little more lax answering emails and comments and such, but don’t think it’s because I don’t love you… I just want to make sure I re-prioritize this month and make sure I’m getting in as much family time and service opportunities as possible. I know my little family will be trying really hard to celebrate this time of year without going crazy, and although I am certain there will be times we are stressing out trying to get things done, I also know that we will be trying just a little bit more to re-focus and to enjoy this wonderful season.

I hope you guy can do the same.

Wishing you a Happy (and not too crazy) December!!

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Melissa Newell

I am so with you Kristyn. We are the Less or More Family this year. Cutting way back and only involved in Faanily type parties! Good luck!


I just finished typing up tomorrow’s post (SO excited) and this post just makes me love you all the more. I’m so impressed you and the hubby were even smart enough to THINK about finishing everything super early- that never even crossed my mind! You, my dear, are so inspirational- not just in crafts and recipes, but in your lifestyle. So happy you’ll be making time to celebrate and ENJOY this special time of year with your family.

capturing joy with kristen duke

It was a great goal, and sounds like you were pretty close to meeting it! You will still have plenty of time to enjoy the season, my goal was to just NOT shop the week before christmas, and I’m feeling pretty good that I’ll meet that! Cards and neighbor treats are on my brain…

Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation

I think this is a great thing to do this time of year. It is so important that we remember the reason for this season, and really enjoy it. Thanks so much for posting this reminder — I really appreciate it!

Jenny Raulli

XO- love those little ones of yours!

Becky J

YES, YES, YES!! Thank you for the reminder…Happy Birthday, dearest Lord Jesus!! Thank You for coming to rescue us!! We love You! May there be room in our hearts for You!

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