DIY Galvanized Light Fixture

Decor · February 4, 2013

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

Hi Lil Luna! I’m Jamie Lott of Southern Revivals and I am so incredibly excited to be here. I’m a new DIY contributor to Lil Luna and I’ve got an awesome DIY for you today!

I first discovered these fabulous galvanized light fixtures in Lowes over the summer. We were contemplating a bathroom reno for our boys’ bathroom. When I saw this fixture I knew I had to have it. By the time we got it put up in the bathroom it was well past dark and I knew we had a problem.

Apparently these fixtures are more your decorative outdoor sort and as such are more like a nightlight than an actual light. I tried different bulbs for about a week before I gave up and sadly packed it away in its box for the trip back to the store.

I found a fixture online with 3 lights for about $400! So instead of taking back my sad little light I went back to Lowe’s and got two more. A 1×8, some small screws, toggle bolts, extra wire and large wire nuts. And a can of Rustoleum Hammered in Silver. All for around $100.

Tools we needed:

Drill, drill bits, router, router bit, box cutter or knife

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

Cut (or have your hardware store do it!) your board the length you wish your light fixture to be. Sand lightly if necessary. Spray paint your board with Rustoleum’s Hammered Spray Paint in Silver- 2 coats should do it. Lay out your light fixtures on the back of the board. Once you have them evened up, trace their outline so you’ll remember where they’re going.

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

Using a flat wood drill bit or hole saw, drill a 1 1/4″ hole in the center of each circle. The center hole will need to be slightly larger to accommodate all of the wires.

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

Then, using a router with a 3/4″ straight (or comparable)  router bit, router a channel from one hole to the next. This will house your wires in the back of  your board so your fixture will have a snug fit to your wall.

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

Once that’s done check for any nicks and touch up the paint if necessary. If you don’t have, or aren’t comfortable with using, a router you could always build out the back of your board with 1/4″ strips of wood along the back to make extra room for your wires. This would just make your fixture “thicker” but still give you virtually the same look.

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

You will need extra wire for the two end lights because the wires they come with won’t be long enough. Don’t let this scare you! While you’re in the store pop that fixture out of the box and have an employee help you find the wire you need. You will need extra lengths of the black wire (or “hot” wire), the white wire (or neutral wire) and a ground wire. To attach these wires to your fixtures’ wires simply run a box cutter or knife along the coating  at each end of the extra wire leaving about a half inch of exposed wire. Match these ends up with the corresponding wires of your fixture twist together and attach with a wire nut. Attach mounting bars across the center of all three holes in the board in preparation for installing the fixtures.

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

After you’ve connected the two fixtures on both ends to the extra wire, run the wires through the holes in the front of the board along the channel in back. Then run wires up and out through center hole. Now drill holes for your toggle bolts anywhere around your two end fixture holes where they will be covered by the fixture.

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

Place board onto wall with level on top of board to level out your board. Once the board is level use the toggle bolt to mark the wall by pushing it through the board. Take the board down and drill 3/8″ holes on your toggle bolt marks. As you replace the board onto wall bring wires from inside the wall through center hole and follow instructions for toggle bolt installation found on packaging.  Checking that board stays level as you tighten the toggle bolts.

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

Your final step is to attach the middle light keeping in mind all black wires together and all white wires together. You will need to use your large wire nuts to accommodate the four wire connections. All ground wires attach to metal brackets.  Finally, attach lamps to mounting bars.

DIY Galvanized Light Fixture Tutorial on { } Love this look!

Now that’s a satisfying DIY! I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post here on Lil Luna. I  look forward to sharing more with you this year. In the meantime feel free to visit me on my blog Southern Revivals to see what else I have in store for the Boys’ Bathroom!

NOTE: Turn power off at breaker box before starting!!


Thanks Jamie! I LOVE this look!

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Shannon Fox

I love this look!! And spending $100 vs $400 was so smart of you. It sure turned out wonderfully!! Great tutorial 🙂 I like the bold note at the end to turn of the breaker box too. LOL 🙂 Happy DIY’ing.


    Thanks Shannon! And, hey, you can never be too careful! 😉

Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

What an amazing update! We are going to be giving one of our bathrooms a makeover soon, and I think we are going to have to make these!
Jessica @ Mom 4 Real recently posted..Puppy Love Pillow (Freezer Paper Stencil & Open Ended Pillow Tutorials)My Profile


    Oh I hope you do Jess! That would be so cool. I want pictures!! Thank you!

Debbie refresh

I’ve seen these lights at Lowe’s too! I love the creative you used them, what an awesome DIY project and the router tip is awesome!
It’s great to see Jamie over here, love her blog~Southern Revivals!
Debbie refresh recently posted..How to Make a BenchMy Profile


    You are so sweet Debbie, thank you! Yes, we both have a mutual appreciation for Lowe’s. I still don’t understand how we’ve not bumped into each other?? 😉

Ali @ craftyWImama

OOoo! How adorable! For someone with the right style bathroom, using a piece of rugged or weathered barn would as the mouting piece would be cool too.
I just love that rustic look! Great work!
Ali @ craftyWImama recently posted..Valentines for the HubbyMy Profile


    That’s a great idea! Now you have me wanting to make another one with barn wood!! 🙂

Melissa @ Bless this Mess

Decorating isn’t my forte and I didn’t even KNOW that I like this galvanized jazz until now. I’m SO doing this in my dream house (give me a few years) 🙂 THANKS
Melissa @ Bless this Mess recently posted..The Ultimate Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie SundaesMy Profile


    A galvanized love convert. My job here is done! 🙂
    Thank you!


Oh.My.Gosh! This is awesome! I needed this “boost” and tutorial! I am so chicken to use a power tool. For realz! I am so ready to tackle projects like this and you have inspired me to get “cracking”. Thank you for sharing this! XOXO! Rebecca


    You can do it Rebecca!! Thank you! 🙂


Jamie rocks! This is an incredible project. She makes it looks so simple. I am betting it not half bad:) Glad to see Jamie’s talent here.


    Thanks Debbie! It really is simple. Easier thank paying $400 anyway! LOL


It turned out great!!!


    Thanks Crystal!

Erin Branscom

That is so cute!! I love it! Erin


This looks amazing! We just framed our our bathroom mirror and need new lighting. I’m all over this.
katie recently posted..{Giveaway} $50 worth of Darice Crafts ProductsMy Profile

J Williams

Unfortunately this is a fire hazard. The electrical code requires wire splices be contained in an approved junction box or inside a fireproof fixture. Using the wood as the backing could cause a house fire if the splices should arc..

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