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One of the first things we try to teach out children is PLEASE and THANK YOU. They are such important words and phrases, and not only show respect but teach manners. It seems that kids tend to ask for more and more, and if they do not say please we often ask, “What’s the magic word?” This question reminds them to ask kindly and I feel that if they ask kindly, they will also receive kindly and will be more likely to remember to say thank you. We recently read the book Give Please a Chance, written by bestselling authors Bill O’Reilly and James Patterson, which reminds children to say please and to have manners. It goes through several situations where a child may ask for something and always ends with the word: PLEASE. From needing a partner on the Teeter Totter, to asking for a bedtime story, this beautifully illustrated book shows just how useful the word PLEASE can be.



In our playroom, we have made a gallery wall of inspiring quotes and reminders. Examples include: “We can do hard things” and “If you can’t say something nice, do not say anything at all.” Since they spend a ton of time in this room, we thought it would be a good idea to fill it with these inspiring quotes and reminders for them to look at each day. I wanted to make sure there was a FAMILY RULES print as well so we made this printable that reminds the kids:


FREE Family Rules Printable available to print and download in 5 colors. Perfect to display in your home, especially in a playroom!

This printable will be perfect on your quote wall in the playroom, and I thought you’d like to use it to display in your own home as well. It is available to download and print in 5 color options.







(Each print can be printed as a large 16×20 or 8×10 print)

FREE Family Rules Printable available to print and download in 5 colors. Perfect to display in your home, especially in a playroom!


I think it’s nice to be reminded as often as possible just how nice it is to say please, and Give Please a Chance, does just that! With a vivid array of illustrations by seventeen different artists, this charming, helpful book is a fun and memorable way for children to learn the magic power of that one simple word: please.

To go along with this free printable, we are giving one of you a copy of Give Please a Chance and a $50 Visa gift card!!


Leave a comment below telling how you like to teach your children to say PLEASE.

Easy peasy!! Giveaway ends next Thursday, December 8th, at midnight. Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize before another winner is chose. 


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  1. I teach my kids to say please by following my example and showing them good manners! It is so important to teach good manners to our kids!

  2. I am a grandmother now and I want to teach them as I did with my daughters, to say Please and Thank you. Will love to win the book to help to that.

  3. Oh this looks like such a great book and a wonderful way to teach your children! We try to lead by example, and always say please and thank you when we are asking him to do things too!

  4. Example is best way to teach please. Mom sometimes forgets when I ask for help
    I try to remind my kids before the situation so they remember on their own when it’s happening

  5. I think showing how saying please really benefits the other person, or those around you, is really important. Manners go a long long way!

  6. I like to teach my niece how to say please by modeling it myself! I try to be very polite, and I remind my niece how nice it feels for someone to say please to her.

  7. First and foremost, I model saying please to others, after all, children learn best by example! I also remind my children (and my students at school) to say please whenever they are asking for something.

  8. I think it’s important to say please and thank you as parents, being an example of it is always the best. I also remind them to say please or thank you if they don’t…. they don’t get whatever they are asking for if they don’t say please.

  9. I started out teaching my kids please and thank you when they were young. They also know how it feels not to receive a please or thank you from others when it is actually needed. They understand that by being polite not only do you make others feel better you also make yourself feel better.

  10. I know I’m late but I’m just now am so lucky to run across your beautiful blog, posts, links, downloads & recipes. I’m forever grateful! Sometimes I get stuck in a Ruth & just need a spark to get me going, but boy, you’ve given more than enough. I remind my kids to say please & Thank You & I’m always amazed or I should say proud when I really don’t hv to anymore. We get compliments all the time how our child gv up something Tyson another could hv or how they’ve helped them to the nurse or teacher when in nd and the biggest of all letting others go in front of them & then saying please & Thank You. When I hear this from teachers & other adults while I’m not there makes me proud. We can never stop tho, teaching them & reminding them that it’s great behavior. I’m going out to look for these books for my family and my Brother & Sister in law who have a 4 month old. Nows the time to start. Thank You and the Authors and all who hv made your site so wonderful!
    Stephanie Gwinn
    [email protected]
    Hollister, CA

  11. I raise my granddaughter possibly soon my baby grandson as mom has severe mental health problems…needless to say she already had many habits she doesn’t deserve…So what we do is show by example play games And work together on appropriate action and inappropriate actions also we work on being appreciative and thankful..And she has worked so very hard and come so very far in the time she has been with us…I’m so proud of her!This book would be perfect in helping her make progress so hopefully she wins a copy…If not it is one we will put in her Christmas stocking as it will help h mood remember how important to always use her manners is… and she’s is good with them at times but some habits that can be traumatic can take time and be hard to overcome.

  12. I use to tell my children that please and thank you are magic words and would open up opportunities to find a new friend or see someone smile or appreciation shown for the least expected place. Plus it shows repect and may be the start of a child showing people respect. Now I am ready to start teaching my grandchildren please and thank you. I just need to wait until they start walking and talking.