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I left you a comment asking a question and you didn’t respond… what’s up with that?
I try to answer all emails and questions… it may take a few days, but I do. 
Here’s the problem. Sometimes, when you leave comment, your email address doesn’t show up and I can’t respond to you. It can be a little daunting to track down your contact info. To make it easier on me and other bloggers, you can ENABLE YOUR PROFILE so that your email info shows up when you leave a comment.
To do that, please check out the tutorial HERE.

How do you make money on your blog?
I recently signed up with Social Spark.
I have had a GREAT experience with them so far, and LOVE working with them on Advertising Campaigns. What Social Spark does is connects bloggers with companies who are trying to advertise their products (keep in min that your blog 
has to be approved and has to fit the SS standards). Companies who like your site or think that your blog audience fits with their products will contact you via Social Spark and offer you a “lead.” Each lead requirements are different and offer a different amount of money. You are then given the opportunity to accept or decline the offer. It really is that easy!
If you have questions, just let me know, but I highly recommend checking out Social Spark and all it has to offer.To sign up go HERE.

I also have sponsors that I promote through buttons and giveaways.

How did you get followers and facebook fans so quickly?


There are SOO many things that one can do to get more traffic, but I’ve realized there are some simple and easy things one can do without getting super technical with the SEO and Analytics of a blog.
1. Link up to Link Parties
There are SOOO many link parties out there right now, and linking up will help others to see what you’ve done and come check it out if they like it.

2. Email the Bloggers directly
Most bloggers get their features because someone emailed them and asked them to feature it. If that blogger likes what you’ve done, they’ll feature you BUT don’t feel bad if they don’t. Some bloggers have a certain style and they really want to stick with it. Sometimes, they may not feature because it doesn’t fit into the schedule they have prepared that week. Bottom line is IT DOESN’T HURT TO ASK

3. Create a Facebook Page
A HUGE majority of my traffic comes from Facebook. I post on my page what I have on the blog for the day, and if someone is interested they can just click on my FB post and it will take them directly to my Blog post. I don’t expect ANYONE to check to my blog every day but I know a LOT of people check Facebook every day. If they see something they like that I’ve posted, they may just hop on over to the blog to check it out. 🙂

What kind of paper do you use to print the temple block pictures?
I printed my pics onto regular printing paper. Since I don’t have a laser printer, I took mine to Fedex Office to get printed. Some people like to apply Mod Podge over the pics once it’s on the block and in order for it not to smear, the pictures need to be laser printed. 🙂

How do I do a Temple Picture Block with Custom Wording?
I do have a tutorial on the blog that gives you step by step directions on how to add your own words to the temple pics.
Here is the link.

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