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Motherhood · Printables · February 19, 2013

Free Frames and Graphics on { }. LOVE these! Use them for so many different things!

Eek! Today I am so excited to share with you guys something I just found yesterday.

So, if you’ve been to my site before you know I have a slight addiction to fonts and dingbats. I LOVE finding great new fonts and dingbats that are free and super cute. Well, yesterday, I was able to do find another one that I couldn’t wait to share with you. This next dingbat is one that will be SO cute and so handy on so many graphics, printables and more. I can’t wait to start using it, and if you’re anything like me I thought you’d love it just as much. In fact, I LOVE this dingbat so much I think it should be called Kristyn, just because it’s my favorite free dingbat I have ever found, lol {I’m pathetic, I know!!}

And in case you are not sure what dingbats are you can check out some posts I have done about them in the past. They are pretty much a font that has symbols and shapes in the position designated for alphabetical or numerical characters. Does that make sense?


So, if you type A on your computer, A will not come up, but a symbol/graphic will.

See below:

A =Flower, B = Another flower, etc.

Free Dingbats on { }. LOVE these! Use them for so many different things!

Pretty cool, right?

I use these dingbats EVERY DAY when I’m making printables or when I’m adding things to my pictures or collages. They are so handy and so fun to use, and they’re even more fun when you can get them for free.

This next set that I love so much can be downloaded from several sites, but I found mine at It’s called KG Flavor and Frames and it provides so many Free Frames and Graphics. To download it go HERE.

Once you download the font, you need to open it up from where it was saved and install. Several people have emailed or left comments asking how to do this, but every computer is different. I suggest GOOGLING: “How to Install a font” for the type of computer you use to help out. It really only takes seconds.

In case you’re looking for more fonts and dingbats be sure to check out some of these:

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Dingbats-09 Kut Ups on { }. Love these!! Use them for so many things!

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And for even more be sure to go to some free font websites like and 🙂

For all FREE Font Collections go HERE.

For all Free Prints go HERE.

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Natalie K.

Love these! Thanks so much for sharing!

Holly {Bits of Everything}

I’m constantly using frames. Thanks for sharing these. I’m sure I will be using them very soon.

[email protected]

First off… Kristyn, you are just too cute! I love how genuine and sincere you come across in your posts. I too am a font/dingbat groupie 😉 I am curious how you determine which dingbat belongs to the alphabet… I get frustrated sometimes using them because of that. Any tips?!!

Thanks for sharing and for all the inspiration!! ~`Jillene


I love fonts too!! I love!! I wish we we could use different fonts when commenting on posts or my emails. I only have a couple of fonts to choose from on my emails and they are the most boring!! Sorry for my soap box… Thanks for the fonts.


Thanks so much for the KG dingbats. Love them!

eva scott

Oh those dingbats are adorable!

Emily @ ReMarkable Home

Very Fun! I’d love to see how you put these dingbats into action. What do you use them for?


We did a post on how to install fonts that is pretty in depth with pictures if this helps anyone:


I have a question for you Kristyn, how do you keep track of your ingbats? meaning how do you know what all they have? I have several dingbats, but rarely use them, because I never remember what all they have in them – does that make sense? It’s not like my brushes or shapes where I can see all of them at once


Thank you so much for the amazing round up of fonts and frames. You’re not alone in you love for fonts and dingbats (I’m glad to know that ‘s what they’re called). Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life

Those are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


Thank you!!!! I can’t wait to use KG Flavor & Frames.


Thanks for sharing! Love theses!

Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

I love those frames – thanks so much for sharing!!


Thank you, thank you!!! I’ve searched for free cute frames like these and never had any luck finding them. I’m so excited to put these to use!!


Thanks so much!! These will be a lot of fun!


Love your website, by chance do you have tutorial on how to create a printable chalkboard for 1st birthday


Thanks for sharing such cute font.

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