Candy Corn Jello Cups

Hi, Deb here from Cooking on the Front Burner with a special TREAT and no TRICK!  Tis the season for Halloween treats and these Candy Corn Jello Cups are so easy to make.  Layers of yummy jello topped with whipped cream and sprinkles – cuz everything is better with them!  Trust me your little ghosts and goblins will […]

Easy Candy Corn Halloween Banner

Hey Lil’ Luna readers. Hope you’re having a great Fall. It’s Cristina from Remodelando la Casa, and today, I want to share a very EASY project you can create in no time to decorate for Halloween. Well, not only Halloween. I know many of you don’t decorate for Halloween, but you can use this little […]

Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats

Hi, it’s me Lily again! Did you miss me? Guess who came over last night?? Our friends, the Howells. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned them before but they are some of our best friends from Houston. Here is a picture of us from this morning eating breakfast at Kneader’s. We sure miss our Texas friends! […]

Candy Corn Wreath

I know I’ve shared a few Pumpkin recipes and my favorite Halloween Fonts, but today is my first Halloween project, and I’m SOOO excited to share it with you!! This next project is what I shared on Eighteen25 this year as part of their Spooktacular September. The year before I also shared a Halloween Wreath on […]

Halloween Bark Recipe

Hi! I LOVE Halloween treats. They look so creepy and cool, and it’s awesome. Yesterday, I made some yummy Halloween Bark. It only took a few minutes and tasted so good. We put some candy corns and Halloween Oreos in it. Did I already say it was good because it was. Here is my game […]

Burlap Candy Corn Banner

I was so happy that my mom came out here to visit a few weeks ago. We had so much fun shopping and eating (we cooked and baked tons and also went out to some of our favorite spots in Houston). I may have gained 5 pounds(no joke!) while she was here but it was […]

Halloween Puppy Chow

Hi, it’s me, Lily again! I went to the zoo this morning. Guess who I got to see? Iron Man and Spiderman! My brother was SO excited. I was pretty excited too. My brother will probably be Spiderman again for Halloween. It will be his third year in a row. He’s crazy like that. Are […]

Candy Corn Pretzel Fudge

Did you know it’s almost Halloween?! My mom and me have been looking at Halloween magazines and there are SO SO SO SO SO SO many Halloween recipes with candy that I want to make and show you guys. We found a fudge recipe that we changed to make it super easy and perfect for […]

Mini Candy Corn Pies

Are you thinking about pie yet? Or are you still trying to get over the sugar coma from this week? The reality is Thanksgiving is just weeks away, and I’m definitely not ready for it!! My mom and her sisters have already gotten together to discuss the family food assignments. We’re usually given the same […]

Candy Corn Popcorn Mix

I am ALWAYS looking for quick and easy treats. What about you?! Sometimes I want something salty… other times something sweet. And then there are those few times where I want BOTH!! This next treat does the trick because it’s sweet, salty and made in minutes! Now, that’s my kind of goody!! We have Family […]

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M Cookies

I love Halloween desserts!! They are just way too fun. And with all the seasonal candies out right now it’s hard not to take advantage of them and whip up some yummy treats. One of the seasonal candies I was most excited to see recently where White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms. If you have not […]