Tips to Keep Your Cool with A Child Who Wets the Bed

This post is sponsored by GoodNites and Sam’s Club. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Many people that I meet often think that my main passion is creating or cooking. Those that really know me know that my true passion is the never ending task of trying to be a good parent. When […]

50+ Summer Kids Activities

Most kids in my parts of the woods got out of school this week. You know what that means. Lazy days and fun-filled activities await. I’m not the kind of parent to spend all day entertaining my kids (I still have to work from home), but I do try to spend the morning helping with […]

Homemade Gak

With it being Summer here in AZ, things are getting pretty HOT, and the kids aren’t as excited to play outside, so I thought it would be fun to make Homemade Gak – aka Slime (It’s something I made all the time with my cousin growing up!) The recipe that was most similar to the […]

DIY Sprinkler Relay

Who here loves summertime? I DO!! I know things are definitely more crazy having all the kids home from school, but I actually prefer having them home and love spending the time with them. We are always trying to find fun things to do and are so glad that dad is mighty handy. Last summer […]

10 Finger Foods For Kids

Today we’re talking about getting kids to eat healthy by allowing them to play with their food. Fun finger foods for kids is a must-have in our home because they’re all about easy eating! We try to do what we can to help out in encouraging our kids to eat as many healthy things as […]

St. Patrick’s Day I Spy Printable

Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! Hey, it’s me Lily again! Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is coming up?? It’s one of my favorite holidays, especially because of those trickster leprechauns. Did you know they always come to our house on March 17th and turn our playroom […]

20+ Indoor Activities for Little Ones

This post is sponsored by Huggies. As always, all opinions, are 100% my own. As you have heard from me before I get so much joy out of my kids, and I especially absolutely love the baby and toddler stages. I think one reason why I love it so much is because I truly am […]

Christmas I Spy

Hey, it’s me Lily again. I had an awesome week!! My family went to Disneyland. My mom and dad asked us if we’d rather get presents for Christmas or if we’d rather go on a family trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. We chose Disneyland, so that’s where we were this weekend. I got […]

Thanksgiving I Spy Print

Hi, it’s me Lily again! Can you believe Halloween is already over?? We had so much fun Trick or Treating. We went to a lot of houses and got a lot of candy. We went with our neighbors, the Keatings and had a blast. Here is a picture of us kids in our costumes: I […]

15 Family Reunion Game Ideas

Does your family have Family Reunions?? Mine does not, but my husband’s does and we just returned from it a few weeks ago. We escaped the heat and went up to Flagstaff and had a blast chatting, exploring and playing games. More than anything, it was just so nice to put work aside and enjoy […]

20+ Kids Activities

I know many of you have already started summer, but we don’t start til Friday. Not til 12:30 PM CST on Friday, to be exactly. The kids have been reminding me each and every day to make sure I’m prepared for them to be home all day. Although having them here makes thinks more crazy, […]

Easter I SPY Printable

I am having a hard time believing that Easter is so soon!! Wasn’t it just Christmas?! Since Easter will be here so soon I thought it would be fun to provide some fun Easter creations, prints and recipes for you. Over the past few weeks I’ve already started on the recipes. In the coming week, […]

Funfetti Dip + Printable Kid Games

My kids LOVE the winter time!! We’re in Texas so it doesn’t get too cold, but it gets cold enough where we need jackets. It also rains a ton which means it can get pretty cold on certain days making the kids want to stay inside. 😉 They do brave the cold when they can, […]

20+ Christmas Kid Crafts

I cannot even say it enough – I LOVE this time of year!! It is my absolute favorite!! There are so many fun things to do and memories to make. I just wish the season was even longer. 😉 One of the things my kids look forward to most are the Christmas Kid Crafts. Not […]

Printable Winter Activity Pack

Hi friends, its Marie from Blooming Homestead here to share this fun Printable Winter Activity Pack. With the weather cooling down we find ourselves spending less time outside and looking for more indoor oriented activities. During winter break especially my kids often get a little cabin fever and so I decided to create these fun simple activity […]

DIY Lego Table

Our kids LOVE Legos!! The obsession all began within the last year. Before that, we really only had the big, jumbo Legos, but now they love the tiny, small Legos that are every mom’s nightmare. They wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have so many small kids who like to put things in their […]

Halloween Penny Gifts – Eye Patches

Happy Saturday! It’s Lily again! Have you had a great week? I know I have! I’ve been hanging out with my aunt and cousins all week! Have you picked out your Halloween costumes yet? My mom decided we should all be pirates! We got costumes and we already tried them on. My brother’s has a […]

FREE Halloween Coloring Pages

Hello, it’s me Lily – again! Today’s my birthday!!! Guess what?! My aunt and two cousins came to visit us! I am SO happy because I miss my family so much. We went to Hotel Transylvania 2 for my birthday. My parents leave out of town today (boo hoo), but I’m going to have fun […]

Monster Bark

Hi there everyone! It’s Gina from Kleinworth & Co. & I’m here today to share with you all this super fun Halloween treat that my kids just love, Monster Bark! It certainly the time of year to start thinking about Halloween. It will be here before we know it & I definitely want to be […]

Printable Summer Activity Pack

Hello friends! I hope that you are enjoying your summer so far. When I think of summer fun I immediately think of swimming at the pool, riding bikes, and playing outdoors. While we love all those fun activities, there is often a lot of relaxing downtime as well. With no school and limited schedules sometimes the […]

Homemade Glitter Gak

Hi, its me Lily again! How is your week going? I hope you had a fun one. Mine was definitely good. I got to go to my friend’s Birthday party! We did crafts, and bubble art. I loved it! Maybe I should do a post about bubble art one day. It is REALLY cool to […]

Kids Activities and Crafts

Are you going crazy with the kiddos just yet??? I’m not… yet, but have a feeling we could get there quick if we were just sitting around all day doing nothing. No, I do not plan anything extravagant for the day, but we do try to plan fun things here and there. Each day during […]

Edible Play Dough

My kids LOVE to create! And I love nothing more than watching them work to create beautiful things. It is so fun to watch them, and I admit they have become quite the little “creators” over the past few years. Being a “creator” myself I have always encouraged creativity and have always provided my kids […]

Patriotic Marshmallow toppers

Hi again! It’s Kristen from Ella Claire and I am so excited to share a fun little kid-friendly 4th of July project with you today- marbled marshmallow cupcake toppers! I think these toppers are so festive and I love that they are edible! My girl had a lot of fun helping me make them too! Making […]