Amish Bread

A looong time ago a friend gave me a bag of mush and told me to follow the rules, to knead it, and add things to it, and speak nice things to it, and one day it would turn into a glorious loaf of Amish Bread. I did those things, and 5 years later (ok, […]

Mini Cinnamon Loaves

If you’ve been to my site before you know that I’m a sucker for sweet breads that require no yeast. Who wouldn’t be? To me, a sweet bread recipe is just too good to pass up and if it requires no yeast that’s even better. That may be because I still have no idea how […]

Cinnamon Bread Recipe

I love the warm foods that most people associate with the holidays. In our family there are two things my mom makes that we ALL crave and beg for once the weather cools down – Cinnamon Bread and Homemade Donuts. Well, I’m happy to report my friends that I have tutorials and recipes for both, […]