Craft Room Organization Ideas

Anyone else been doing some MAJOR organizing the last month?! I have!! We’ve been de-junking, organizing and de-junking some more. Believe it or not, I become giddy as I organize parts of my home. There’s just something so wonderful about getting your home in order, and it makes me so happy!! One of the places […]

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Not everyone has a craft room. In fact, I don’t either. I had designated one of the rooms in our home for one when we first moved here but then realized it would be nicer to have a Guest Bedroom. That’s means we ended up putting everything in the Master bedroom. Fortunately, the master is […]

20+ Craft Room Organization Ideas

This is the year I get organized. I am determined! Like – really determined. 😉 With moving and having a baby and everything else that happened in 2013, I feel like life got a little out of control. Now I’m spending this year getting organized in every aspect of life, and I’m so excited. I’ve […]

15+ Craft Room Organization Ideas

As mentioned before, I’m in the process of deep cleaning and one of the rooms I’ve been working on {for FOREVER!!!} is my craft room. One day I’ll have it nice, but in the meantime, I love checking out all the amazing Craft Room Organization ideas out in Blog Land. Here are some of my […]