Craft Room Organization Ideas

Anyone else been doing some MAJOR organizing the last month?! I have!! We’ve been de-junking, organizing and de-junking some more. Believe it or not, I become giddy as I organize parts of my home. There’s just something so wonderful about getting your home in order, and it makes me so happy!! One of the places […]

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Not everyone has a craft room. In fact, I don’t either. I had designated one of the rooms in our home for one when we first moved here but then realized it would be nicer to have a Guest Bedroom. That’s means we ended up putting everything in the Master bedroom. Fortunately, the master is […]

Office Makeover

When we first found our new house in Texas, I was so excited to have an extra room that could be my office/craft room. We had it painted yellow, and I had already moved everything in there when I realized that we should have made it a nursery instead. I mean, it’s really nice to […]

20+ Craft Room Organization Ideas

This is the year I get organized. I am determined! Like – really determined. 😉 With moving and having a baby and everything else that happened in 2013, I feel like life got a little out of control. Now I’m spending this year getting organized in every aspect of life, and I’m so excited. I’ve […]

Craft Room Hutch Reveal

I’ve had several readers ask me what my craft room looks life. Quite frankly, it looks like a bomb has gone off. LOL! I really just haven’t had the time to start transforming it into what I want it to be since we moved in a year ago so right now it’s really messy and […]


Hey good friends! Have I told you I’m moving? I’m up to my eyeballs in boxes and everything else you could imagine right now as we prepare to move over the next few weeks. We are only moving ten minutes away from where we are now, but I’m super stoked to be moving into a […]