MORE Free Christmas Fonts and Graphics

You guys know how much I LOVE cute, free fonts!! I’ve shared many sets over the past few years, and today I’ll be sharing MORE Free Christmas Fonts and Graphics (dingbats). I hope you love them as much as I do. I use them for SO many things and use them in printables, graphics – […]

FREE Back to School Fonts and Graphics

Have your kids all ready gone back to school? I know for some in Arizona, they have! My niece and nephew headed back this week. Craziness, I know! I’m so glad we still ave a good 4-5 weeks before Lily heads to First Grade, and Gav and Evie to preschool. Even though we still have […]

Free Easter and Spring Fonts

I’ve officially switched gears from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter. Yes, I’m done with all the green and mint treats and have been thinking of this great time of year when things start to get warm and thoughts of flowers and playing outside sounds more enjoyable. 😉 With that in mind, I’m sure you could […]

FREE Valentines Fonts and Graphics

If you’re a font addict like me, you’ve often found yourself on sites like or for hours at a time. Maybe you’re not as bad as me and think I’m just plain crazy. 😉 The fact is I need help for my font addiction. PROOF: When a computer or laptop breaks, most people’s […]

Favorite Free Christmas Fonts

Yesterday I shared some of my Favorite Free Ampersands. Today I’m sharing Favorite Free Christmas Fonts (Part 2). I shared some with you last year, but have found some more new and fun ones that are great to use for prints and graphics. The best part about these fonts and dingbats is that they make […]

Favorite Free Ampersands

You guys all know my obsession with FONTS. They are pretty and usually free, and that makes me happy. Well, today I wanted to share with you my Favorite Free Ampersands! I’m usually looking for fun ampersands to use in my prints and have to go through each font which takes forever!! I decided to […]

Favorite Free Halloween Graphics

Last week I shared with you my Favorite Free Halloween Fonts. This week I’m sharing with you my favorite free Halloween Graphics (aka dingbats). These dings are so awesome, and I’ve already used several in past and upcoming Halloween projects and prints. I have to admit that these dingbats have saved my life in my […]

Even MORE Free Frames and Graphics

You guys all know about my slight addiction to fonts. I realized it was pretty bad a few years back when I was driving in the car with my family and we passed a neighborhood and I recognized the font in the signage. I thought “That’s Bleeding Cowboys (a font).” I told the hubby and […]

Favorite St Patricks Day Fonts and Graphics

I know I’ve been sharing with you all my favorite fonts and dingbats (graphics), and today is no different. I figure several of you are probably making printables and other fun graphics with St. Patrick’s Day in mind so I wanted to share with you my favorite St Patrick’s Day Fonts and Graphics today to […]

Free Frames and Graphics

Eek! Today I am so excited to share with you guys something I just found yesterday. So, if you’ve been to my site before you know I have a slight addiction to fonts and dingbats. I LOVE finding great new fonts and dingbats that are free and super cute. Well, yesterday, I was able to […]

Favorite Valentines Fonts and Graphics

You guys all know my obsession with FONTS and DINGBATS… Well, I have another collection to share with you today, but this time they are FREE Valentines Fonts and Dingbats, and I think you’re going to LOVE them. I have scoured the web looking for my favorites and cannot wait to share them with you […]

Favorite Free Dingbats – Part 1

One thing I love just as much as fonts are DINGBATS!!! What are dingbats?! Most of you know, but in case you don’t they are pretty much a font that has symbols and shapes in the position designated for alphabetical or numerical characters. SO, if you are using a dingbat that is filled with heart […]