Frozen Hot Chocolate

I LOVE HOT COCOA!! It’s been a favorite for years and years, like many of you, I’m sure.  This year I was introduced to Frozen Hot Chocolate, and I’m still trying to debate which one I like more! They are both SO delicious and chocolate-y it’s hard to pick a favorite. I had heard about […]

Mint Hot Cocoa

Hi guys – it’s Lily!! Guess where I’m at?? ARIZONA!! AT MY GRANDMA’S HOUSE!! We’re making fun crafts and playing with cousins – I’m loving it!! Guess what I did this morning? I got baptized! It’s something we do in our church when we turn 8. It was a really special day. A lot of […]

Hot Cocoa Gift

Happy Saturday! I’m happy to be back. I took a few weeks off to enjoy my little sister and celebrate Halloween. My little sister’s name is Melody Jane, and she is CUTE!! She’s so small and I love her. 🙂 We also celebrated Halloween and I dressed up as Elsa. I saw my friend, Callie, […]

Halloween Hot Cocoa

Hi, it’s me Lily again! Me and my dad just got back from IKEA. We had to buy some stuff for our laundry room. Guess what I got there? Apple pie!! It was so good and was so nice to have a Daddy Daughter date with him. I also learned how to do some multiplying […]

Hot Cocoa Gift Idea

I love Target. I go there probably once a week to get out of the house with the kiddos. It’s a fun place to walk around, don’t you agree? Well, while I was there a few weeks ago I spotted these Mugs with these Sweater Type Cozies around them and thought they were so adorable. […]

Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Recipe

This next recipe is one I shared last year, but it’s just way too good, and I wanted to share it again this year. It’s a recipe my mom made up for my wedding over 7 years ago. All we did was serve hot cocoa and desserts as well as had a chocolate fountain at […]

10 Hot Cocoa Recipes

Who here loves HOT COCOA? I sure do! It’s one of my favorite things ever to drink, and in my opinion, there is nothing better than enjoying a nice cup of this warm drink on a cold winter night, snuggled on the couch watching a movie! Don’t you agree? 😀 With that being said, I […]