50+ Summer Kids Activities

Most kids in my parts of the woods got out of school this week. You know what that means. Lazy days and fun-filled activities await. I’m not the kind of parent to spend all day entertaining my kids (I still have to work from home), but I do try to spend the morning helping with […]

DIY Sprinkler Relay

Who here loves summertime? I DO!! I know things are definitely more crazy having all the kids home from school, but I actually prefer having them home and love spending the time with them. We are always trying to find fun things to do and are so glad that dad is mighty handy. Last summer […]

20+ Kids Activities

I know many of you have already started summer, but we don’t start til Friday. Not til 12:30 PM CST on Friday, to be exactly. The kids have been reminding me each and every day to make sure I’m prepared for them to be home all day. Although having them here makes thinks more crazy, […]

FREE Halloween Coloring Pages

Hello, it’s me Lily – again! Today’s my birthday!!! Guess what?! My aunt and two cousins came to visit us! I am SO happy because I miss my family so much. We went to Hotel Transylvania 2 for my birthday. My parents leave out of town today (boo hoo), but I’m going to have fun […]

Homemade Glitter Gak

Hi, its me Lily again! How is your week going? I hope you had a fun one. Mine was definitely good. I got to go to my friend’s Birthday party! We did crafts, and bubble art. I loved it! Maybe I should do a post about bubble art one day. It is REALLY cool to […]