Planked Fireplace Tutorial

Since moving here to Texas, I feel like I haven’t shared many house projects. Perhaps it’s because we moved when Wesley was 3 weeks old and since moving we’ve also had ANOTHER baby which makes for one tired mama!! ;D  Surprisingly, we’ve done several projects since moving here a year and a half ago (some […]

DIY Shoe Bin

I feel like there are shoes all over our house! I guess that happens when you have 5 little kids 7 and under who each have a few pair of shoes. 😉 To cut down on the “shoe mess” and to make sure there was a designated spot to keep them all, the hubby and […]

DIY Lighted Christmas Star

You ready for the holidays?! I sure am!! We’ve already been getting ready and decorating and have even completed a few holiday projects already. One of those projects was a DIY Lighted Christmas Star. I had seen this star a few years ago and knew I needed one in my life as well. I knew […]

Pallet Wreath Holder

I LOVE wreaths – always have, always will. If you’ve been to my house you may notice a few hanging around. They’re a simple and cute way to decorate your house so I make them quite often. 😉 Recently, I decided I wanted to make a Pallet Wreath Holder for me to hang the wreaths […]

DIY Charging Station

My kitchen needs some MAJOR organizational help. I spent a ton of time organizing the kitchen when we first moved in over a year ago, but haven’t really done much to it since. I’ve noticed that the drawers and counters are getting a little more clutter and it’s driving me wild! Some of the things […]

Closet Makeover

School is just around the corner, and I admit I am NOT looking forward to it. The days of sleeping in a little bit and having things a little more lax are soon over, and it makes me a little sad. We were able to get things down to a good system last year to […]

DIY Solar Light Hangers

It wasn’t too long ago that we made a Vintage Cold Drinks Sign to hang in our backyard. We LOVE it and it adds a nice touch to the back porch area. Fast forward a few months and while at Lowe’s for a family outing, we found some adorable Solar LED Lanterns. I knew I […]

Grill Set Holder

I’ve mentioned this before but must mention it again… I feel like together, the hubby and I can do anything. Yes, I know – it’s cheesy but true! Without him, I definitely could not do this blog and he’s always there to help out for every project. For a ton of our home projects I’ll […]

Vintage Door Bench

I’m slightly obsessed with Vintage pieces. If you come to my home, you’d see them scattered about the house. I have vintage windows, jars, books – you name it!! It wasn’t too long ago that I was a little Antique Shop in Alvin Texas and saw a Turquoise door that I fell in love with. […]

Office Makeover

When we first found our new house in Texas, I was so excited to have an extra room that could be my office/craft room. We had it painted yellow, and I had already moved everything in there when I realized that we should have made it a nursery instead. I mean, it’s really nice to […]

Easter Mantel + Pantone Color of the Year

Do you know what the Pantone Color of the Year is?! Radiant Orchid! Pretty, right?! Even though this color is absolutely gorgeous, I realized I had no shades of purple anywhere in my entire home. With it being such a gorgeous color, I knew I wanted to incorporate it somewhere and decided that it would […]

Guest Bedroom Makeover

I’m indecisive. Before we moved to Texas I had our whole house “planned out” (or so I thought). It was a 4 bedroom home plus a den. Lorin and I had the master (of course) and then we’d have a boy room and a girl room (for the kiddos to share). Then the den would […]

Jar Storage Board

I’m slowly organizing my entire house, and it feels so awesome! One in my goals in life is to be so organized that I know where everything is at all times at my home. I know it’s a little far-fetched, but I really hope I can do it. Of course, with 4 little kids it’s […]

DIY Painter’s Gift

I can’t wait to show you this next Gift Idea. It was I thought of while at Lowe’s a few months ago. Since moving into our house, we’ve had every single wall painted, including the ceiling! To me, paint is the cheapest and easiest thing someone can do to change the style/look/feel of their home. […]

Pantry Organizer

I was spoiled back in Arizona. I had a HUGE pantry, and I LOVED it! When we were looking at houses here in Texas, the first thing we noticed was how small the pantries were (boo!) One of the most attractive things about the house we picked was that it was a decent-size pantry. Fast […]

Bathroom Makeover

I think this next home project will be the first one I’ve shared with you guys since moving to Texas. We moved at the very end of May and have enjoyed starting fresh on a new house with lots of fun projects. We’re pretty much working on a part of the house each weekend, and […]

Thanksgiving Mantel

Today, we are discussing two things… 1 – The Power of Spray Paint and 2 – How to Incorporate Holiday Decor into your Home Decor With moving and buying a new home I wanted to take the chance to change up the colors in my home. I didn’t do a ton to change things up […]

Vintage Cold Drinks Sign

I LOVE working with Lowes! The hubby and I have so much fun going there for our every-day home needs but also to go and create some fun items as part of the Lowe’s Creative Team. This month’s theme was Outside Decor. I recently wrote about a Backyard Refresh we were able to do, which […]

Beverage Station

Are you ready for summer?! With it warming up and kids getting out of school, it’s time to think of the Outdoors. That’s right – this month’s Lowe’s challenge centered around several topics, including Outdoor Party Decor. The hubby and I worked together to come up with this next idea and decided a Beverage Station […]

Emerald Green Photo Gallery Wall

Did you know that the PANTONE Universe’s Color of the Year is EMERALD GREEN?! Well, it is and as part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Team, we were challenged to come up with a project using this color. Fortunately, for us this Emerald Green is available exclusively at Lowe’s in Valspar’s Signature Paint, so that’s […]

Backyard Makeover

I’ve blogged several times about our home. We bought it just about two years ago and although it needed LOTS of work, we immediately fell in love. We have spent the last two years fixing up the house and making it our home, and although we are moving in the next few weeks we are […]

Spring Mantel

Spring is in the air, and although I didn’t have much time (or energy for that matter) to decorate for Easter, I thought I better whip up a few Spring decorations to spruce up the mantel. This is how it turned out: I didn’t have much green in it before and wanted to add some […]

Twine and Vinyl Holders

Have I told you guys before how stinkin’ cute my husband is?! Well, he is. Not only is he my best friend but he’s my right-hand man and biggest fan and helps me with everything!! I appreciate him so much. He’s known for awhile now that I’ve been wanting to work on my Craft Room, […]

Joy to the World Subway Art Sign

I love Christmas, don’t you? And sometimes there’s nothing better than beautiful Christmas decor… that may be why we had our decor up in the beginning of November. Crazy, I know, but we just love the way our home looks with all the red, green and silver. Well, recently I saw a sign on Pinterest […]