Peanut Butter Snack Bites

Hi again from Deb at Cooking on the Front Burner! Hope your summer is in full swing but I know in some parts of the country it’s time to be thinking about back to school.  Ugh!  That means back to school shopping – clothes and supplies.  Another thing you might want to put on your […]

Chocolate Chip M&M Cake Cookies

Hi. It’s Saturday, and I’m back. I hope you had a Happy New Years. Guess what? We went to the movies twice to see Frozen, and I’m obsessed with the movie and the song, “Let it Go.” I decided for this year’s Halloween I want to dress up as Elsa. I have already been practicing […]

White Chocolate M&M Popcorn

Hi. It’s me, Lily. Every Friday night we have movie night. We pick up a movie from Redbox and we make popcorn. Every once in awhile we get to make a special kind of popcorn that is my favorite. It’s White Chocolate M&M Popcorn. It is SO yummy and good, and I help my mommy […]

Christmas M&M Gift Jar

Not sure about you, but once the holidays hit I’m always looking for a fun and easy gift to hand out to my friends and neighbors. After seeing the new White Chocolate Peppermint M&Ms at the store, I knew just what to do!! I wanted to make a Christmas M&M Gift Jar with a cute […]

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M Cookies

I love Halloween desserts!! They are just way too fun. And with all the seasonal candies out right now it’s hard not to take advantage of them and whip up some yummy treats. One of the seasonal candies I was most excited to see recently where White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms. If you have not […]

M&M Cookies Recipe

I LOVE me some good cookies! This week’s M&M Cookies Recipe is so easy and fun! It’s always a FAVORITE with the kiddos {even with the adults!!} And what’s great about this recipe is that it’s quick and the cookies ALWAYS turn out soft. 🙂 We’ve always loved M&M Cookies in our home and the kids […]