Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, friends!! I’m hoping everyone is gathered with friends and family on this special day. It truly brings me so much joy that friends and family gather from all over the world, and especially our country, on this day to spend time with the ones they love most. Maybe it’s the mom in me, but […]

Grateful – 2016

FREE Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart Prints Today I am grateful. Yes, I try to be grateful every day and show my Father in Heaven just how thankful I am, but I LOVE that we have a day dedicated to giving thanks. Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays, and it […]

We Can Do Hard Things Printable

We can do HARD things. That’s our family’s motto. Over the past several years, we have tried to teach our kids that we can indeed do hard things. Life isn’t always easy, and occasionally we have something hard to do. Hard might be defined differently depending on the person your talking to, but for kids, LOTS […]

Call for Contributors 2017

It’s that time of year again… No, I’m not talking about the holidays – I’m talking about the annual Call for Contributors!! Last year there were over 150 applications, and I hope this year we get even more! I really want to make sure that this site is filled with great content making readers want to […]

This is our Happy Place

This is Our Happy Place Home is my happy place! I LOVE to be home, and I love being there with my family – all 5 kids and the hubby. I think Dorothy said it best when she said, “There’s no place like home” and I totally agree. I’ve been wanting to get a cute […]

Merry Christmas – 2015

Merry Christmas!! I’m hoping today is wonderful for all of you and is spent with loved ones!! Today is probably my favorite day of the whole year. I love the entire season, but to spend an entire today with your favorite people, enjoying so many great traditions, giving gifts to others and celebrating the birth of […]

The Most Important Work

Hi there friends! I’m trying to be good this year and am hoping to share with you an inspiring quote on the First Sunday of each month. I enlisted the help of my printables contributor, Kendra, of Key Lime Digital Designs. I’m obsessed with her prints and creativity and know you will LOVE her just […]

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas!! Today is such a special day. Not only is it a day to spend with family and loved ones, but it’s a day to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I am so grateful for His birth, His example, and His teachings. I know that it is only through Him and his atoning […]

BHG Live Better Network

I am so excited to tell you why I was in Iowa a few weeks ago. I was asked by Better Homes and Gardens to be part of a new Blogger Network to promote their products at Walmart. I was even invited to Des Moines to check out the BHG Headquarters. Eek!! That is where […]

Looking for Christmas Vendors

  As you might remember, we recently threw a super fun and successful LIVE party on Pinterest. And guess what?! We are in the process of planning an even BIGGER and BETTER one, just in time for CHRISTMAS!!! {Yeppers! Time to get excited!} Oh?! You want to know WHO is involved? Just you wait… I […]

Pinterest Party and Freebies for Everyone!

Hi friends! I am SOOOO thrilled to announce: Yes, there are all sorts of amazing Group Pinterest Boards out there, but we wanted to do something a little different. I partnered up with a few of my amazing BlogLand friends to bring you this ONE board that contains all of our best of the best. […]

WoCavé Mission 2 – JUNKING!

This Post is Brought to you by Skinny Cow. You ready to hear all about my second mission to build my WoCavé? I can’t wait to tell you all about it. First off, in case you missed my first mission go HERE to read all about it . And second, you might not remember or know […]

Lil Luna Link Party 127

I’m in love! Wesley was born two weeks ago on April 30 at 6:58 PM, weighing 7 lbs. 9 ounces. He arrived 16 days early, and came out after only 2 pushes. I am SO grateful that he is here with us safe in our arms, and I cannot even express in words the joy […]

Make a Difference #SocialPower

This post brought to you by Social Power. All opinions are 100% mine. I’m not going to lie… there are several things in this world that bug me, but rarely ever do I do anything about it. :/ Recently, I discovered a new site that actually helps you make a difference about the issues that face […]

Find Joy in the Journey Print

Hey there friends! A few months ago I did a guest post for my friend Lara at Less Cake More Frosting. She picks ONE word every year to focus on, and asked if I would pick a word and share it with you too. I thought I would share it with you today. The word […]

House for SALE

In case you missed my announcement last week, I thought I’d let y’all know that we’ll be moving to Houston, Texas just two weeks after we welcome Baby #4 in May. It’s going to be pure craziness around here, but we’re excited for this little family adventure and have been busy preparing to sell our […]

What to Expect at Disneyland 2013

I just LOVE Disneyland. I’ve blogged about this love several times, but in case you missed my last two posts be sure to check them out by going HERE and HERE. I even started a Disney Pinterest Board with tips and other helpful links so be sure to check it out. We were so grateful […]

Top 12 Posts of 2012

2012 has come and gone so quick. I thought it would be fun to share with the Top 12 Posts of 2012. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed creating them… 😀 12. White Chicken Chili 11. Favorite Christmas Fonts & Graphics 10. Easy Marshmallow Frosting 9. How to Make Money Leis 8. […]

15 Must Know Disneyland Tips

We LOVE Disneyland. I’ve blogged about this love countless times and just this week shared with you why we love to go to Disneyland during the Holidays. Because we love it so much we’ve learned quite a few things that make each visit even better. Today, I will be sharing with you my top 15 […]

Disneyland: The Holidays

Those who follow me on Pinterest and Facebook know that we went to Disneyland last month, and let me tell you – We had the time of our lives!! Each year, in November, we try to take the kids to Disneyland. WHY? Because not only do the kids love it, but WE (the hubby and […]

Christmas Time

Yesterday was December 1st. Don’t know what that means to you, but it was a deadline for my little family. The hubby and I decided a few weeks back that we would try to get everything (Christmas-wise) done by Saturday, December 1st. We wanted the shopping done, the gifts made, the Christmas Cards sent out […]


Today I’m especially thankful. I’m grateful for everything that I’ve been given because I have been given so much!! I feel very blessed and today just wanted to share a few of the things I am most grateful for… – I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and Savior. – I am grateful for […]

Why are so many bloggers Mormon?

I hope you don’t mind, but today I’m going to get a little personal with ya. As most of you now, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka, Mormon). I’ve never really tried to hide it. In fact, I talk about it a lot with projects and activities […]

20 Gift Ideas Under $5 Digital E-book

I have SUPER exciting news for you today!! Jamielyn, of I Heart Naptime, and I have been working on a secret project for the last few months. Together we crafted and wrote 20 tutorials and then put it all together in a snazzy digital E-Book. We are thrilled with how it came together and know you […]