Mini Bunny Pudding Pies

I first became obsessed with these mini Graham Pie Crusts a few years ago when I spotted them in the baking section at the grocery store. I’m so glad I found them because I have made so many treats using them and love that they are the perfect individual-sized goodies. After recently making our Mini […]

Chocolate Pudding Spider Pies

I LOVE Halloween! If you’re a frequent reader you’d know that. It’s my happy time, and I love the holiday because it reminds me that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and I love them even MORE! I especially love this time of year because of all the creativity and fun projects and […]

50+ Pies and Cheesecakes

You may think it’s a little early, but my mom and her sisters were meeting together this week to figure out the food assignments for Thanksgiving. There are so many people in our family now that’s it’s nice for them to figure out the menu and make assignments and let everyone know early what they’ll […]

Mini Candy Corn Pies

Are you thinking about pie yet? Or are you still trying to get over the sugar coma from this week? The reality is Thanksgiving is just weeks away, and I’m definitely not ready for it!! My mom and her sisters have already gotten together to discuss the family food assignments. We’re usually given the same […]

Mini Butterscotch Graham Pies

You know me and my desserts… I LOVE them!! I would so rather BAKE than COOK! 😉 Because of this love for baking I’m often found walking up and down the baking aisle looking for new products and things to test out. I was thrilled to find some Mini Graham Pie Crusts at Walmart and have […]