Amish Bread

A looong time ago a friend gave me a bag of mush and told me to follow the rules, to knead it, and add things to it, and speak nice things to it, and one day it would turn into a glorious loaf of Amish Bread. I did those things, and 5 years later (ok, […]

Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread

Delicious Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread Recipe that is soft, moist, filled with grated zucchini and lemon juice and topped with a lemony glaze. Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! When it’s cold I find myself wanting to bake ALL the time. It’s almost like I just love having […]

25+ Quick Bread Recipes

I think it’s physically impossible NOT to love bread. We are huge fans in the Luna family, and I think the only thing we love more are QUICK BREADS, meaning no yeast is involved. I’ve worked with yeast a lot more in the last year than I ever have, but still prefer the non-yeast breads […]

Quick Bread Recipes

Homemade Bread is a weakness of mine. I honestly think it is almost physically impossible to turn down a slice of homemade bread fresh from the oven. Who agrees? 😉 Although I’m not a pro at yeast, I do love a good Quick Bread recipe and thought you would like them too. Of course, they’re […]

Eggnog Bread

You guys know how much I love a sweet, non-yeast Bread recipe. They’re my favorite!! Today I’m sharing another one of those great bread recipes. This one is for Eggnog Bread. Yes – it sounds delicious, right?! This morning I shared a recipe for Eggnog Cookies, so I guess you could say I’m on a […]

50+ Quick Bread Recipes (NO yeast involved!)

Who doesn’t LOVE bread?! I’m not sure if I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love it. My own kids are obsessed and will even eat the heels of the bread loaf (I, myself, won’t even touch it – ha!) As fall approaches, one of the things I enjoy making the most is BREAD. […]