White Chocolate Scotcharoos

Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! Hi, it’s me Lily again! Guess what we did tonight?? We went to Grandma’s and she had the new Bop It game. My high record was 38. I’m hoping I can get higher than that next time I’m there. We also had […]

Chex Scotcharoos

I admit… we like treats. We made a dessert of some sort at least a few times a week. No worries – it isn’t always for us. We are making them for friends or neighbors or for guests who we invited over for dinner (can’t have guests without dessert, right?!) And I hope you know […]

Easter Scotcharoo Cups

We  love Scotcharoos at our house! It’s a quick dessert that the entire family loves. It’s always one of those “go-to” recipes when I need a quick treat for a friend and family function. Well, after seeing all of the cute Easter Cup goodies that have been around for years re-circulating on Pinterest, I decided […]