Chex Scotcharoos

I admit… we like treats. We made a dessert of some sort at least a few times a week. No worries – it isn’t always for us. We are making them for friends or neighbors or for guests who we invited over for dinner (can’t have guests without dessert, right?!) And I hope you know […]

Easter Scotcharoo Cups

We  love Scotcharoos at our house! It’s a quick dessert that the entire family loves. It’s always one of those “go-to” recipes when I need a quick treat for a friend and family function. Well, after seeing all of the cute Easter Cup goodies that have been around for years re-circulating on Pinterest, I decided […]

White Chocolate Scotcharoos

I feel like I’m ALWAYS making desserts… and that’s probably my fault. I tend to volunteer to make dessert more than any other part of the meal like the main dish, salad or side dishes. And don’t get me wrong – I LOVE making desserts, but sometimes I’m looking for ones that are quick and […]