Candy Button Taste the Rainbow Prints

I promise this is the last of the Taste the Rainbow treats I’ll be sharing. I just came across these candy buttons and knew I had to use them because they were perfect and RAINBOW-Y. Plus, what little kid doesn’t like candy buttons, right?! The bag I got of these came with several strips of […]

Tic Tac Taste the Rainbow Prints

Yesterday, I shared a super simple St. Patrick’s Day gift idea. Well, I have another one for you today that is very similar, but I thought you still might like it. While I was at checkout last week at Target, I saw these Tic Tacs and since I’ve had my eye out for “rainbow-like” products, […]

Skittles Taste the Rainbow Prints

Are you ready for St, Patrick’s Day?! It’s seriously killing me how quickly this year is going, and I can’t believe that Easter will be at the end of this month!! Well, before some of my Easter tuts, I have a few more St. Patrick’s Day ideas to share with you, and I hope you […]