Vintage Lemonade Stand

Decor · July 19, 2011
A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }Check out this beauty:
{Pic courtesy of Jacquilyn Avery Photography}I {heart} it!
I have the best hubby!
I really do!
I approached him several weeks ago about helping me build a vintage lemonade stand for our Rice Krispies Challenge. He didn’t seem too excited about it, but after looking up some stand ideas on the internet, he was all over it {ain’t he awesome!?!} I had the vision of the stand in my head and the hubby was able to make it come to life.
Here’s how we {mostly HE} did it. 🙂

-2×4 Framing Wood
-Rough Cut Planks
-1 1/2 flat-head nails
-Wood Glue
-1 1/2 or 2 inch dry-wall screws
-Various Drill Bits
-Wood Saw
-Plywood for SIGN
-Carriage bolts and wing nuts


1. Begin by determining which dimensions you would like. We did 2 feet by 4 feet by 30 inches tall. 
A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
2. We began with building the frame out of the 2×4 lumber. We assembled the sides first and attached them to each other using 2 cross beams. To construct the side frames, we simply used 2 up-rights and 2 cross beams. To secure them to each other, we used screws and glue. {Builders Note: Wood glue is extremely strong if bonded under pressure. The screws act like clamps pressing the wood together. If something is glued well enough it will break at the wood before it breaks at the glue seam.} In order to keep the wood from splitting, we pre-drilled all the screw holes using an 1/8″ bit and counter-sunk them using a 3/8″ bit. {The screws may not be long enough to go through the complete width of the 2×4. In this case, just counter-sink the screw further.} We used a band clamp to secure it until the glue dried, however, this is not necessary.
A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }

3. Connect the main crossbeams to both of the side frames. The top beam should be flush with the top of the frames and the bottom beam should be about 3 inches from the bottom edge. To stabilize the corners that were just created we glued and screwed a corner block into the corner. This was also repeated in the back corners with a slit in the block for the sign posts to slide into. Block with slits were also glued at the bottom as seen in the picture.

A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
4. A cross beam was added in the back the same way it was added in the front using glue, screws and counter-sunk holes. A beam was then attached from the middle of the back cross-beam to the front cross-beam. This beam helps the planks to support any weight put on the table.
5. We cut the planks for the top and sides to the desired lengths. We used 3 inch by 3/4 inch rough cut wood for the top planks and 6 inch by 3/4 inch rough cut for the sides. We then painted the planks the desired colors and let dry.
{Stay tuned for a tutorial next week on how to make painted wood look antiqued}

A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
6. The top planks were laid out to get an estimated layout and position for where the sign posts will be. A notch was cut out of the back plank to allow the post to slip in.

A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
7. All planks were nailed and glued to the cross beams on the sides and on the top. You can use as much gapping as you prefer between planks.

A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
8. Plywood was cut for the sign to desired dimensions and painted. Sign posts were cut out of 1 inch by 2.5 inch rough cut lumber and painted. The sign was held in place using clamps and four holes drilled through the sign and posts {2 holes in each side}. The sign was then attached using carriage bolts and wing nuts.

A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
9. Before we added the sign we added the vinyl for the wording on the sign. This could also be painted.

I know this may seem like a lot of work for a lemonade stand, but you have a handy husband like I do, it’s pretty easy {just have to take pics and offer cups of cold water every now and then – and yes, I know I’m spoiled!}

A tutorial on how to make a fun, bright and Vintage Lemonade Stand. { }
Now you have a super cute, vintage lemonade stand!
Since we built this as part of the Rice Krispies Making Memories Challenge, I want to remind all of you to go and VOTE for our team by going to this Blog Post and commenting:

Thank you so much in advance!!
{Voting ends on July 20th}

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Inspire Me Heather

That is just too cute – how darling, you did a fabulous job!

Michelle @ Loving Every Second

That lemonade stand is ADORABLE!!!


Wow!!! Love it!


That is super stinkin' adorable! LOVE!

I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes

LOVE this! SO so cute! You are so talented!


This is AMAZING!!! If I could get my husband to finish any one of the projects he already has in process, I'm bumpin' this one up to next on the list. I couldn't love it more!

Rach H

Awesome! Just say it on UCreate! So fun!!! Hope your kids make lots of money, haha!


So cute! How can you NOT win? I'm loving the banner! Are those edges serged?

bec @

so so cute!! I love it!


How much did it cost to build – my hubby wants numbers before he starts.

Ashley J

Oh my heck! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Great job!!! Can I get one next? ;)


Oh I LOVE this! My girls have had a lemonade stand up several times this summer to raise money for dance lessons. My husband needs to make this for them…Here's the link if you want to check it out. (for some reason I can't post a comment on some blogger blogs with my wordpress url so if you click my name it will take you to my OLD blogger blog…)The new site is and the url for the lemonade stand is


Looks very cute. Good job! 🙂 LG Tina

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft

Whatttt!? That is just AWESOME! Go hubby! Go you! 🙂


This is such a fun lemonade stand! And what a wonderful tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing! Saw it at Sisters Stuff


How fun. Love it. I would love for you to share a link to this tutorial on my mommy solution meme!


I'm in love!


Oh my gosh, that is so adorably beautiful!

Jenn Erickson

I've been so excited for this post and tutorial — your lemonade stand is the cutest one I've ever seen. I'm sharing a link on my FB page and on my Pinterest board as well. Hope it brings some good mojo your way for the contest! Best of luck,Jenn

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys

So pretty and nostalgic! Awesome job!


Ahhh that is soooo cute. Ok that is definitely something very cool to make. Thanks for sharing!BTW I'm hosting a FAT Quarter giveaway so swing by when you get a chance 🙂 –

[email protected]

Well that is just adorable! – great job – I'm gonna pin it and show it to my hubby 🙂

Amanda K @ Every Creative Endeavor

Adorable my dear – completely darling!


Absolutely ADORABLE!


Ahhhh!!!! That is the cutest! I would totally stop by that stand

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny

Wow! Seriously adorable project. I LOVE it! The bunting adds the perfect finishing touch.


This is absolutely precious! Visiting from TT&J!!!!

[email protected] House

I (heart) it tooo. Really great job! I featured it on my blog tonight.

1 Funky Woman

I am in love with your husband, oops I mean this stand! I am in awe that he whipped this up. What a lucky gal you are it turned out amazingly!Just found your blog so now I"m definitely following!Megan

Lauren {whimsy lane}

What a handy hubby! This stand is Martha Stewart-worthy. I love it. Such a cute idea for a birthday too! I'm a new follower!


So cute!!!

Rachel W K

I wish I had any carpentry skills at all, I barely know how to glue wood together lol. Your husband (and you!) did a fantastic job on this! I would buy anything from this little stand!


This is just adorable!!Thanks so much for linking up!! I featured your post in my wrap up! Have a great weekend!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday}

This is amazing!!! I love it. I emailed your post to my husband with a "MUST MAKE" note!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife

This is the cutest lemonade stand, ever. LOVE it!

Green-Eyed Girl

Soooo cool! I liked very much the idea and the relisation. Shared your post at my blog Hope you don't mind…

A Lived in Home

So adorable! Any kiddo would love this!


Oh my gosh, this is so dang cute! I will be featuring it tomorrow at Creations by Kara. 🙂


Love this so much!!! I featured you on this post – click here to see it – is my favoite! Stacey of Embracing Change


p.s. – come and grab a featured button! Stacey of Embracing Change


I want to do this but Can't seem to understand the tutorial. There aren't any measurements… help


so totally insanely precious! LOVE LOVE LOVE! TRIPLE LOVE! winks-jen

Amanda K @ Every Creative Endeavor

I am featuring this today because I simply love it!


I saw this photo at Pinterest while looking for ideas for my daughters outdoor wedding next summer. This will be perfect…. I think the lemonade stand will be the hit of the cocktail hour. Thanks so much for sharing the plans, I can't wait to see how ours looks.

Cottage Garden Treasures

Such a cute lemonade stand!! I'm going to make this for the kids stand at the farmers market! Did you use fabric for the triangles?


you did a fabulous job, I enjoyed lot in my first visit. And sure to visit soon. I saw this photo at Pinterest while looking for ideas for my sister 's daughter 's outdoor wedding next summer. This will be perfect.r4 card

Jenny Collin

My husband just finished one inspired by your design. We used pallets and old timber from a junk yard that was free. Cost us $20. approx and this was mainly for screws and the upright posts which we had to buy. It is for my daughters 21 birthday. Thank you for the idea and inspiration.

    Lil' Luna

    Would love to see it!! Can you send me a link?


      Hi, I love the lemonade stand. I saw on the blog or in the instructions that you would also be posting how to paint and distress the boards. I couldn’t find the information for that. Is there a link that you can send me, maybe I just missed it??

      Thanks!! Again, GREAT job.


      one more thing, how did you do the vinyl lettering- and what font did you use??

      Thanks again- awesome job.

        Lil' Luna

        I cut the vinyl on my vinyl cutter and added it. I used the font: Kristen, I believe. 🙂

Team Craftwell

Darling! Such a sweet lemonade stand!

Team Craftwell

Taryn @ Design, Dining + Diapers

I remember when you posted this last year and I still love it! Love the yellow and white and everything about it.. I wanted to let you know I featured you today!


I LOVE your lemonade stand! It is so cute and your use of bright colors with a little taste of vintage is just awesome! I shared it on my blog this week. Thanks for such great inspiration!

Kristy @ Cup Of Jo

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I’m going to tackle it this weekend or beginning of next week!! I posted about it today!!
Thanks for sharing!
Newest follower…found you on Pinterest!

Kristy @ Cup Of Jo

Hello Kristyn! I Loved yours so much, I had to do my own!! I posted about it (and you!) today!!
Thanks so much!


This is amazing! I featured it in a post here:
Have a great summer!


How did you stain your sign to look like that? I love the distressed deep color under the white.

Christine Chittenden

Hey there..I wanted you to see the version of your lemonade stand our boys put together this summer. They planned to use it to raise money for their little sister’s adoption We live .5 mile from the football stadium at Virginia Tech so hundreds of people walk by on game day. Today was the first day they used it and they raised $230!!! WOohoo! Here is the post on out blog.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

    Lil' Luna

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment and telling me about this Christine! Totally made my day! Your stand turned out AWESOME!! And I love that you raised $230 on your first day – amazing!! 😀

Natalie Todd

This is sooo cute., exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂

joe p

My daughter-in-law loved this and I have a feeling the granddaughters will be very fashionable while selling lemonade this summer. Unfortunately, my son is better at business than carpentry! Grandpa says kudos for the great plans!

    Lil' Luna

    LOL. Thank you!! It really isn’t that hard to do, and I’ve had several people make it. Would love to see pics if you end up making one. 🙂



sarah gradwell

hi, we would like to use the photo of your lemonade stand as a potential logo for our markets … how would we go about getting your permission to do so?


Just perfect! My hubby is super handy. He coluld whip this up in no time! My question is how easy is it to move from one place to another? I also worry about storing it during the VERY long winter! =)


I wish i could make that


Thank you so much for sharing!! i just finished it!! <3 i can wait to take pictures of it!! i just have one question, did you print the banner? or you have cardboard paper? Thank you!!!!

    Lil' Luna

    I would LOVE to see pics of your stand! And for the banner, I just made it out of cardstock and scrapbook paper. 🙂


Did you make the blue ice cream bar too? DO you rent out? Where are you located?

Jenna Huttula

How heavy do you think this is? I love the over all idea but would need to transport it on locational shoots.. Beautiful job you guys !!

    Lil' Luna

    It’s not super heavy but usually takes two people because of how big it is. Does that help at all?

      Jenna Huttula

      Sure does.. 🙂 Thanks so much.. You guys did a great job.. thank you for sharing your inspiration with all of us….

        Lil' Luna

        Happy to do it!! Have a great week, Jenna and good luck making the stand. XO


Thank you so very much for sharing this tutorial. We recently had an ice cream party for our daughter. My husband followed your simple directions to easily create one for us. We got so many compliments on it and we are looking forward to using it for numerous other things in the future. Here’s a link if you want to see a photo:

    Lil' Luna

    You’re welcome, Kimberly. I just checked out your stand… it turned out adorable. I LOVE the pink!! I know you’ll be able to use it for so many more events in the future. 😀


Definitely going to give this a go for my daughters mexican fiesta. Tacos and sweet drinks. Would love to know where you purchased the vinyl. Is it an online store?

    Lil' Luna

    Perfect for a fiesta!! I made the vinyl myself, but I have a friend who does custom orders. Shoot me an email if you’d like her info. 🙂 [email protected]


I want to make one of these, but I am not the most handy person on the planet, and my husband is even less than I am. I think I could do it getting the wood cut at Home Depot, but I’m wondering about the notches for the sign. How exactly did you cut those? I do have some sort of saw that I’ve never used that came with our drill. Maybe I’ll have to get brave and bust it out?

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