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Cute and simple ways to wrap and gift your Valentine's Day presents! All it takes is some cute scrapbook paper, ribbon, and embellishments!

Good morning, Lil Luna readers. This is Sarah visiting today from Boxwood Clippings.

Don’t you just love it when someone hands you a beautifully wrapped gift? I do! I feel so loved that someone has made the extra effort to make something beautiful, and it’s just one of those little treats in life I really enjoy.


This year for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d introduce my favorite color combo of all time: black and white. I just adore how it looks with pink, so it seemed fitting for the holiday (and of course a little gold always brings a touch of glam)!

To wrap my gifts, I stay pretty basic with the paper; black and white can be right for any occasion. Then, for smaller gifts like these, I like to shop in the scrapbook paper section, as there is a much wider variety, and the smaller sheets work perfectly.

Then to embellish, I pull out my ribbon bin and go to town! It’s pretty hard to beat a large satin bow, but layering ribbons and trim can be just as fun. Christmas baubles are a go-to for me for any time of year, and a wooden heart covered in glitter is a bold and simple move!

Cute and simple ways to wrap and gift your Valentine's Day presents! All it takes is some cute scrapbook paper, ribbon, and embellishments!

Now I just have to think of equally nice gifts to put inside! But I’ve found you can never go wrong with chocolate, especially for Valentine’s.

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Putting in that little bit of extra effort to make a gift look pretty really does add so much!

Love these cute Valentine’s gift wrapping ideas! The black and white combo is one of my favorites too. 😉

Thanks for sharing with us Sarah!

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  1. These are so crafty and adorable! The way a gift is packaged really does make a difference in the way it is received. It definitely is more exciting when you get something that is wrapped nicely and looks like it has been handled with care! Great job! Thanks for posting!